Dynacord launches MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine

Have you ever wanted to mix, patch and route analogue and Dante audio in a single hardware box? If so the Dynacord MXE5 could be the box for you! We take a look at the first release from Dynacord’s new MXE matrix mix engine series…


Dynacord MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine

What’s a Matrix Mix Engine when it’s at home then eh? In essence, the MXE5 is a big old box of DSP processing which provides a 24×24 patch matrix, 12 mic/line inputs, 8 line outputs and a basic mix engine. You could use it, for example as a virtual patch bay for audio signals, networking mic/line inputs or all of the above!

Dynacord has squarely aimed the MXE5 at commercial installations and large live systems; stadiums, sports facilities, live music venues, theatres and conference centres for example. Basically, anywhere you need to patch, mix and move audio around a building.

Controlling the MXE5 is carried out with Dynacord’s proprietary SONCIUE software. Furthermore, the onboard board DSP offers EQ, ambient noise control, acoustic echo cancellation and other useful features.

Dante Equipped

The MXE5 is yet another new device which has been released with Dante networking capabilities; importantly that opens up networking with a huge amount of 3rd party gear. Everything from a Behringer Wing up to a Yamaha Rivage offers Dante nowadays; hence it’s no surprise (and welcoming) to see it on offer here.

Admittedly, the MXE5 isn’t the sexiest or most exciting thing you’ll see released this year. However, our industry often relies on workmanlike tools to get the job done. One of these units would be a great way of putting your amp and crossover rack on a Dante network, for example.

Equally, it could be a fuss-free front end for a distributed audio system in a gym, hotel etc. It’s very much a utilitarian piece of kit for which you’ll have a specific use scenario in mind for it.

In conclusion, then, the Dynacord MXE5 is neither glamorous nor sexy, but then it has no need to be either of those things.

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