Fury-800: Simulated Korg Poly-800 from Full Bucket Music

Fury-800Fury-800 is a nicely realised Poly-800 from 1983 with 64 voices, sequencer and chord memory and it’s completely free.


Everyone loves the Korg Poly-800. It was Korg’s answer to the Roland Juno-106 and somehow managed to win people over even though it looked weird and awkward when compared to the hip and cool Juno. It was cheaper, lighter had a couple more notes of polyphony and handy guitar strap nuts so you would wear it around your neck.

Fury-800 attempts to capture the life of the Poly-800 and fleshes it out with two DCOs per voice with individual envelope generators, two waveforms with additive harmonics, a sequencer and chord memory function and a stereo chorus effect. It has up to 64 note polyphony with a “God Mode” for “real” polyphony. There’s only the one filter though as with the original which is articulated paraphonically.

It also has the classically annoying interface which is definitely where the Juno won out. But everything is accessible and controllable via MIDI.

Fury-800 is available for MacOS and Windows and you can have it for nothing although donations are very welcome.

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