HaNon B70 Is A FREE Hammond B3 Electric Organ VST Plugin

HaNon B70 Is A FREE Hammond B3 Electric Organ VST Plugin

French developer Lostin70’s released HANON B70, a free VST plugin emulating the famous Hammond B3 electric organ and the Leslie 122 rotating speaker cabinet. HANON B70 emulates 91 tonewheels from the original tonewheel organ instrument. These simulated tonewheels run continuously while maintaining a low CPU cost. The detailed emulation enables natural-sounding key clicks and relatively […]

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85 FREE Xfer Serum Presets Released By Tunecraft Sounds

85 FREE Xfer Serum Presets Released By Tunecraft Sounds

Tunecraft Sounds have announced the release of Cinematic Synths for Serum, a freely downloadable (for a limited time only) soundset for the Xfer Serum wavetable software synthesizer. The company describes Cinematic Synths for Serum as a preset library suitable for music production, cinematic composition, trailers, film scores, and sound design applications. It is a versatile […]

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Schroeder Is A FREE Modeled Reverb Plugin For Mac Computers

Schroeder Is A FREE Modeled Reverb Plugin For Mac Computers

Developer discoDSP released Schroeder Reverb, a freeware reverb plugin based on early Schroeder reverberators. Featuring only two controls – Decay and Mix – Schroeder is a plugin that is minimal, but also capable of exciting and unusual reverb sounds. The software is only available in the VST3 and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations […]

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Talkback Limiter plug-in recreates the SSL SL4000 E’s punchy limiting

Korneff Audio Talkback LimiterThere is a wealth of plug-ins emulating the punchy, cohesive sound of SSL consoles. But I can’t recall one that’s specifically modeled after the SL4000 E series’s limiter section. Not that there aren’t SSL limiters out there, but developer Korneff Audio’s Talkback Limiter plug-in may be the most detailed of the bunch. In addition to emulating the circuit, it gives you the freedom to manipulate each individual modeled component!

Talkback Limiter plug-in

In the original SL4000 E console, the limiter had the important duty of protecting the control room monitors and other listening equipment from loud peaks. More often than not, they originated from the talkback system. This, the plug-in is named Talkback Limiter. But here, the limiter is used as a mix and mastering effect.

Talkback Limiter features the following controls: Input volume, line/mic signal selector, dry/wet mix knob, and make-up gain. The analog switch lets you switch non-linear behavior on and off. There’s also a gain reduction meter, and under the hood, the plug-in lets you adjust Distortion, FET bias, low-pass filter, oversampling, and GUI zoom. This way, you can customize the limiter’s sonic character to obtain a smoother or more aggressive kind of sound. As far as I know, this is the only SSL-modeling plug-in that lets you toy with the components, not unlike some tube guitar amp modelers.

The compression ratio is set to 100:1 by default, while the Attack is very fast but not too fast. The resulting sound is aggressive and in your face, so if gentle or transparent limiting is the preferred application, you ought to look at a different plug-in.

Price and availability

Priced USD 40, Talkback Limiter is available in VST3, AAX, and AU formats for 64-bit Windows and Mac computers. A demo version is available for free download. A free iLok account is required for authorization of the full version.

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BeatSkillz SampleX: vintage sampler plug-in that’s yours to shape and tweak

BeatSkillz SampleX plug-inEmulating the sonic character of old samplers is essential for dialing in a nostalgic mood or imparting the crunch and vibe of old AD/DA converters and filters. Throughout the late 80s and early 90s, the sampler was basically your DAW. Computers could only sequence MIDI and maybe do basic audio recording and arranging.

Even if you had Studio Vision, a very capable audio and MIDI sequencer at the time, the sampler – likely an AKAI S series – had most of your sounds and all your sample instruments mapped in its memory. Therefore, it is crucial to the sound quality of 90s electronic and hip-hop records.

Beatskillz SampleX

Thankfully, you don’t have to wrestle with vintage samplers’ obtuse operating systems, maintenance costs and exorbitant prices (sometimes) to enjoy their sonic goodness. Modern computers are perfectly capable of emulating the sought-after grit and character of these coveted machines. SampleX, developer BeatSkillz’s newest plug-in, makes a case for this. Rather than emulating a specific unit in entirety, though, SampleX models the classic AKAI s900’s input section and the famous Moog ladder filter, then lets you run free with the controls to shape an old-school sound all of your own.

With SampleX, you are able to add as much “drive” as you want, explore the Moog filter’s resonance, create aliasing by reducing bit rate and sampling rate down to 2kHz/4-bit, and blend the processed audio with the dry signal. Having the fundamentals of the old sampler sound locked in, BeatSkillz went on to create presets that are ear-matched to various vintage samplers. You can use these as starting points for tweaking, or any other way you like.

All in all, I like the concept of giving users complete control over a sampler-like audio engine. It sounds more fun than delivering preset models with minimal tweaking potential.

Price and availability

SampleX is available in AU, VST, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac computers. The plug-in is on an introductory sale, priced USD 39 down from the USD 69 regular price. A free trial version is available for both operating systems.

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Overloud TH-U iOS: Pipped to the post by Mooer’s GE Labs?

Overloud TH-U IOSOverloud’s new TH-U iOS gives you a suite of guitar amp and effects for your Apple iPad or iPhone. The company is even offering a free version of the app to get you started. But how does it stack ups against the recent launch of Mooer’s GE Labs?


The free version of the new TH-U iOS comprises of a handful of amps, cabs and various effect pedals. More models can be purchased for EUR 5.49 via in-app purchase. A total of 239 models are available (for sale). That encompasses 89 guitar amps, 4 bass amps, 50 guitar cabs, 2 bass cabs , 77 pedal and rack effects, 18 microphones.

That’s plenty of choice to get you going. There are 1000 presets as well, if you aren’t into making your own virtual guitar rigs. You can create your virtual setups with the Rig Player. Or you can just go with a preset and tweak to taste.

Overloud TH-U IOS

Overloud TH-U IOS with in-app purchases


According to my colleague over at our German sister site, the app isn’t very intuitive, so you may need some help to get up and running. That said, he reports that the TH-U iOS app itself sounds very good. Be sure to check the video and website links below.

A slight niggle: there is currently no compatibility with Inter App Audio (IAA). If I want to record the amp in a DAW like Garage Band, then you’d have to do it via a third-party app like Audiobus. That makes it a bit unwieldy and I’d have preferred a seamless experience there.

Mooer GE Labs

Has Overloud been pipped to the post here by Mooer and its GE Labs, released in mid-April? That product is also free to download and uses in-app purchases. GE Labs is getting great reviews from users online in guitar forums. If you already have GE Labs, would you pay extra for this new virtual guitar rig setup? Perhaps not. However, if THU iOS sounds amazing, it could take off.


If you want to enjoy the full variety of tones available without limits, TH-U Full for iOS costs USD 49.99 – if you already own TH-U Desktop. Otherwise you pay EUR 5.49 and up.

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