UVI Drum Replacer: the next big drum trigger VST?

UVI Drum ReplacerThe art and science of drum recording sees a machine learning-powered extension with the release of UVI Drum Replacer. The French developer describes Drum Replacer as a real-time, program-adaptive drum replacement utility. But triggering samples isn’t all there is to this plug-in, as we shall see…

UVI Drum Replacer

Drum Replacer’s abilities also include bleed removal, VST hosting (so you can trigger drum samplers), and a sub-bass generator. Incoming audio is analyzed and spectral models of up to six components are created. These are brought to the trigger detection module with up to 8 internal audio samples or VST instruments. Samples can be triggered all at once, or sequentially and randomly. Thus, a welcome bit of variety is achieved and the dreaded machine-gun type sound is avoided.

Triggering is one thing, but the component isolation allows for other interesting applications like extracting specific drum sounds to side-chain them into external plug-ins or gear.

A cutting edge tool

Drum Replacer also features an integrated browser to let you locate and tag files and plug-ins. Sample controls include an AHD amplitude envelope, fade in/out to eliminate clicks, and tuning. Gain and pitch matching is a one-click operation, and an integrated waveform display lets you precisely align samples to the input audio.

Up to 8 tracks can be configured and saved as presets, complete with metering and detection settings. Each track can be individually named for orientation. All in all, Drum Replacer looks like a cutting-edge drum replacement and clean-up tool. Time will tell whether it truly stands up to industry standards like Slate Trigger and Drumagog.

Price and availability

Sold at an introductory discount (EUR/USD 59, down from EUR/USD 99) until June 30, Drum Replacer is available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac computers. A free 15-day trial version can be downloaded and tested. A free iLok account is required for authorization.

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