Acustica Audio Pink4: The API sound in-the-box?

Acoustica Audio Pink 4 Effect Plug-in GUIIf you’re looking for some new toys for your virtual rack, here’s something new to consider. Acustica Audio has released version 4 of Pink, its modelled analog gear suite. Pink4 recreates a bunch of studio gear from the 60’s made in America. Here’s more about the project…

Acustica Audio Pink4

The Pink4 suite comprises six plug-ins including a preamp module with 8 circuit models, a 10-band graphic EQ, a 4-band parametric EQ, single and multi-band compressors, and a channel strip which integrates all the processors in a single plug-in. Of note is that the 4-band EQ model contains a preamp section with 16 line path and 9 custom preamp emulations. This makes the module suitable for analog summing inside the box.

As far as virtual rack equipment goes, Pink4 is certainly a stand-out. However, the fidelity comes at a cost – a whopping 9GB download and relatively high CPU usage. Hopefully, your computer is up to spec and able to handle as many instances as you need in a project.

Price and availability

Pink4 is a free update for existing owners of the suite. As a new purchase, it’s priced EUR 69 (down from EUR 199) for the first four weeks after release. Very good value with a long introductory window! The plug-ins are available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac computers.

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