ValhallaSupermassive Is A FREE Delay VST Plugin By Valhalla DSP

ValhallaSupermassive by Valhalla DSP

Valhalla DSP has released ValhallaSupermassive, a freeware delay effect in VST, AAX, and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. ValhallaSupermassive is based on a set of reverb and delay algorithms that intentionally sound artificial and otherwordly. These algorithms were too “wild” to be included in Valhalla DSP’s other plugins. Thanks […]

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Acustica Audio Pink4: The API sound in-the-box?

Acoustica Audio Pink 4 Effect Plug-in GUIIf you’re looking for some new toys for your virtual rack, here’s something new to consider. Acustica Audio has released version 4 of Pink, its modelled analog gear suite. Pink4 recreates a bunch of studio gear from the 60’s made in America. Here’s more about the project…

Acustica Audio Pink4

The Pink4 suite comprises six plug-ins including a preamp module with 8 circuit models, a 10-band graphic EQ, a 4-band parametric EQ, single and multi-band compressors, and a channel strip which integrates all the processors in a single plug-in. Of note is that the 4-band EQ model contains a preamp section with 16 line path and 9 custom preamp emulations. This makes the module suitable for analog summing inside the box.

As far as virtual rack equipment goes, Pink4 is certainly a stand-out. However, the fidelity comes at a cost – a whopping 9GB download and relatively high CPU usage. Hopefully, your computer is up to spec and able to handle as many instances as you need in a project.

Price and availability

Pink4 is a free update for existing owners of the suite. As a new purchase, it’s priced EUR 69 (down from EUR 199) for the first four weeks after release. Very good value with a long introductory window! The plug-ins are available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac computers.

More information


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Free Quarantine Piano Sample Library Released By Marco Belloni

Free Quarantine Piano by Marco Belloni

Marco Belloni has released Quarantine Piano, a free Yamaha U3 piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt (also includes WAV samples). Quarantine Piano is not just another sampled piano for Kontakt. The sampled instrument was recorded in various creative ways, and the library comes with a wide selection of patches. There are thirty patches in […]

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Spotify has taken my “LIGHTS OUT Podcast” down

For your information:



We have found your podcast content to be in violation of our content policies, and we have removed it. You can read more about our podcast content policies in our Spotify for Podcasters Terms & Conditions.


LIGHTS OUT Podcast –


If you’re a creator looking to get your music on Spotify, you can check out our How do I get music on Spotify FAQ on Spotify for Artists. You can also use one of our preferred providers to distribute your music.


Please do not respond to this email as replies will not be monitored.



What has been a real issue on SoundCloud is now an issue on Spotify. I know that all the producers and labels are happy when I showcase their music on my shows. This system is broken and dysfunctional. Music that gets promoted via podcasts and radio shows gets blocked by a flawed copyright monitoring system. It’s not humans that make those individual decisions, it’s algorithms.

Worry not, the podcast and its individual shows is still available on SoundCloud, MIXCLOUD and via RSS feed:


Dear Spotify, if you read this: the entire fucking point of a DJ mix is the DJ playing records of other people. That promotes the record, the artist and the label. This is how underground electronic music works. I can’t believe I have to explain this to the world’s biggest music streaming company. You wanted podcasts, you get podcasts. Now, you kick the podcasts of DJs like me. This is ridiculous.

P.S.: The system is very slow. It took them around 2 months to find out that I promote other people’s music on my podcast, which is the entire point of playing and recording DJ sets and making them available as podcasts.