Melodya generates, edits and transforms melodies and rhythms

Melodya melody generatorStruggling to write a decent melody? Developer Music Developments has a fresh new release out – Melodya. Melodya (Melody) is a plug-in dedicated to generating and editing melodies, motifs and anything else resembling a hook. It’s available on an introductory offer – USD 39 until May 15.

Melodya – advanced melody editor and generator

With its reasonably simple interface, Melodya offers fairly deep control over the melodies you work on. First up is a Motive editor (“motif”? – Ed.) and a one-click melody generator with rhythm and shape options. The developers have included three rhythm generators, including a “Modern” one suitable for contemporary styles like EDM.

A special rhythm mapping algorithm makes it possible to separate rhythm and shape for dedicated control over the two. A pack of melodic and rhythmic transformations provides a starting point with progressions and structures you will hear in well-known melodies from Western harmony. You can also import MIDI files and split them into melody sections to edit or regenerate. As a final touch, the user interface is fully customizable in terms of colors, fonts, and keyboard shortcuts used.

The interface is simple to get around, especially if you have used software like Guitar Pro. You get scale, tempo, time signature and octave controls up top, a big ol’ piano roll at the bottom and a metric ton of variation buttons. There’s also a Randomize button that comes up with melody and rhythm on the spot, so you can start editing and transforming a new melody right away.

Price and availability

Melodya is on an introductory sale until May 15, priced USD 39 down from USD 49. A free demo can be downloaded for testing. The plug-in is available in VST/VST3 formats for Windows (32 and 64-bit) and VST/VST3, AU MIDI FX version for macOS. You will get all updates ’till v1.99 for free, along with product support.

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