Play a game of Retro Pong right inside your DAW – it’s free!

Lunatic Audio Retro PongBored in a session or stuck somewhere? Take a break and play a bit of Pong – in your DAW! Retro Pong by Lunatic Audio is a plug-in that recreates the classic 80’s game. And for the time being, it’s completely free!

Retro Pong – play in your DAW!

Retro Pong is a complete adaption of the classic arcade game, which even includes three difficulty levels. The game is controlled from your regular or MIDI keyboard and has you playing against the DAW or a Player 2 as your oponent, along with a deadline. It’s a classic, simple game of Pong with colorful retro visuals and nice, responsive controls.

If you haven’t even heard about Pong (you must be young!), it’s like a very simple game of tennis where your racket is at the bottom and the opponent’s racket is up top. In between, there’s an empty field along which the ball travels. So the ball is hit back and forth and increasing speeds until one side loses. And then comes another round. The original game debuted decades ago on arcade machines and has spawned hundreds of remakes and reimaginations. It’s an all-time classic, not unlike tetris or Arkanoid. Remember Arkanoid? It’s pretty much a revision of Pong!


Retro Pong is free with the option to donate to the developer right from its website. The plug-in is available in AU, VST3 and AAX formats for Windows and macOS computers. It should run under any modern DAW or plug-in host, so have fun!

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