Sonic Atoms Releases FREE Novel Piano Sample Library

Novel Piano by Sonic Atoms

Sonic Atoms has released Novel Piano, an upright piano sound library for the free HALion Sonic SE plugin by Steinberg. Novel Piano is an impressively good sounding upright piano sample library powered by the freeware HALion Sonic SE plugin. The library is the first virtual instrument released by Sonic Atoms. The creators sampled a modern […]

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Jakob Reinhardt Releases FREE Crispy Clean Strat For Kontakt

The Crispy Clean Strat by Jakob Reinhardt

Jakob Reinhardt has released The Crispy Clean Strat, a free Stratocaster electric guitar sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt (also includes WAV samples). The Crispy Clean Strat is a freely downloadable Stratocaster sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt. The full version of Kontakt is required to use the included NKI patch. The library will only […]

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Audio Anoraks Releases FREE Smiley One-Knob Enhancer Plugin

Smiley by Audio Anoraks

Audio Anoraks has released Smiley, a freeware one-knob equalizer and audio enhancer effect in VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Smiley is a simple single-control plugin designed to apply a “smile” EQ curve to the processed audio track. The equalizer curve can be both convex and concave […]

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Superbooth 2020: Embodme Erae Touch MPE & MIDI 2.0 controller

Embodme Erae Touch ControllerFor Superbooth 2020 Home Edition, up and coming French hardware manufacturer Embodme showcased a novel MIDI controller. The Erae Touch consists of 18 touch points with support for Midi Polyphonic Expression (MPE) and MIDI 2.0. The innovative controller lets you freely assign parameters to each area so that you can control both notes and parameters with touch. All areas are lit in full color, too, making for a very sleek and visually impressive controller.

Erae Touch Controller

Erae Touch Controller software

The Erae mapping software.

Comparisons to the Roli Blocks units are somewhat justified. Visually, the Erea is reminiscent of an oversized installation of several Blocks controllers. However, just like the size, the possibilities are bigger as well. Mapping the controller is done by software which takes your templates to the hardware. The mapping possibilities are comprehensive. You are able to turn the touch areas into faders, buttons, note fields, or a plain X / Y pad. So you can cover almost any aspect of your typical virtual instrument just by touch.

Like a modern piece of equipment, the Erae connects over USB-C and features continous modulation to ensure very low latency operation. On the hardware itself, you can quickly recall presets, templates, and other settings. So the Erae is mean to be played live, not just a fancy studio tool.

Price and availability

The Erae Touch is scheduled for pre-order from September 2020. It will be financed via Kickstarter. The pre-order price for backers is EUR 700. The retail price once the unit is ready to hit stores will be EUR 800. The package will include the MPE-capable software synthesizer Nylon, made by German developer Wave Casual. It’s a very interesting synth with so-called geometric oscillators that you should check out if you fancy an innovative twist on the ole’ subtractive synth.

Wave Casual Nylon

Wave Casual Nylon synth

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Satura: free plug-in with three types of saturation (and a story)

Satura saturation plug-inI just love stories that begin moody and end up with a free saturation plug-in (plus a happy developer). The story of Satura is kind of like that. After spending who knows how much time on the plug-in and a selling platform, Satura’s developer gave it away on Reddit, stating that “competition was too da*n high”.

However, the Reddit community welcomed the offering with open arms and insisted that the developer add a donation button. So there’s a cool little story about how human kindness helped a struggling developer come up with a reasonable “business model”, so to say. Donationware is awesome and must be supported!

Satura – three band saturation plug-in

With just three knobs, Satura is able to coax digital distortion, lo-fi tape delay and analog transistor saturation courtesy of a modeled Moog ladder filter. The goal, says the developer, is capturing the essential grit of the 80’s sound. As with all competent saturators, this one is capable of subtlety at gentle settings and complete overdriven havok when pushed to the extremes.


Satura exists in Mac AU, Mac VST3, and Windows VST 3 formats. It’s completely free to download and smash stuff with. It was only after the Reddit community requested that the developer added a PayPal donate button, so donations are always encouraged.

More Saturation plug-ins

Saturation plug-ins and hardware have been very popular releases as of late. There’s seemingly no end to how much producers want to characterize and mangle their pristine digital audio. So check out just a glimpse of some the recent developments on the matter:

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