God Mode: creative multi-band saturation plug-in by Denise Audio

Denise Audio God ModeEver so colorful, developer Denise Audio released a new saturation plug-in called God Mode. This piece of divine divinity uses a “push-pull” technology to let you saturate specific frequencies in your track.

God Mode

Said technology is inspired by the good old Pultec EQ passive tube equalizer. This 1950’s era equalizer famously pushes gain for the desired frequency range into its tube circuit to pull it back again, smoothing out the frequency reponse and adding tube warmth. God Mode, says Denise, is like a modern plug-in approach to this method.

A graphic parametric equalizer lets you dial in an EQ shape to choose the frequency ranges you want affected. Therefore, God Mode is a multi-band saturation and distortion plug-in. You can follow by adding simulated tape distortion, rectification or fuzz. The tape distortion is borrowed from Denise’s Bad Tape plug-in, more specifically the Tape Analog VM algorithm which emulates the hysteresis of old tape machines.

The EQ filters are all linear phase for purity of sound and can be used in parallel or to dial in a dry/wet balance that’s perfectly in-phase. You can also toy with the dry/wet signals by panning them independently. This is how you can widen the stereo image and also add a high-end boost.

Moreover, any signal can be sidechained to the plug-in to modulate the amount of tape distortion. One track can distort the other, accomplishing rhythmic distortion effects.

Price and availability

All in all, that’s a quite accomplished and fun saturator we have here! God Mode is on sale for EUR 39, down from EUR 69. With the purchase, you also get the Slappy delay plug-in for free. God Mode and all Denise plug-ins can be used on 64-bit Windows and Mac computers in VST, AU, and AAX formats.

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