Flame Mäander 2.0 update: Wavetable explosion

Flame MaanderFlame has updated their remarkable Mäander desktop synthesizer and live sequencer with a massive wavetable expansion along with FM and a bundle of other tweaks and improvements.

Flame Mäander

We originally saw this at NAMM last year. It looks stunning in the white and red and that 12-band analogue filter bank running along the bottom – hard to miss. Internally it’s a polyphonic wavetable synthesizer with noise and sockets for external processing through the filter bank. It has a polyphonic sequencer track of up to 4 voices, 14 mono tracks for the external input and noise and filtering for each channel.

The 2.0 update adds a further 39 wavetables and more will be coming. They’ve also added in an additional FM sound algorithm and you are now able to detune 8 voices for massively fat chorus effects.

The update is free to all users and should be available soon from the website.

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