TheWaveWarden Odin2: Viking synth of the gods for free

TheWaveWarden ODIN2TheWaveWarden has released the new and improved ODIN2 12-voice virtual synthesizer that comes straight out of Valhalla and could protect your music from the inevitable Ragnarok.


It’s a massive overhaul on the original just in terms of the look but it does follow a similar path. You have the three oscillator slots at the top and these can be filled with a wide range of options; Analog, Wavetable, Multi, Vector, Chiptune, FM, PhaseMod, Noise or you draw your own wavetable, chiptune or spectrum. That’s all pretty remarkable!

Next you have a bunch of filters including an Oberheim, Moog and Korg emulation. You can load up your choice of three filters, two before the amplifier and one after. You can then select which oscillators route through the first two filters on the way to the amp.

The oscillators and filters have separate envelopes and then there are three individual LFOs and a global one for all your modulation needs routed through an 18 slot matrix.

It’s all rounded off with a bunch of effects.

ODIN2 is very neat. The slightly modular layout works well and emphasises the flow of audio. It’s good, simple and free. The only let down is the current lack of presets to shine a light on how good it could sound but part of releasing this beta version of ODIN2 for free is to source presets from users. So get patching and you could have a preset in the official release version.

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