The new GE Labs iOS amp sim from MOOER is now free to download for your iOS device

Mooer GE LAbs iOS freeMooer has just announced that they are giving away their GE Labs iOS amp sim for free. You can download this fully fledged amp sim, effects, and more for your iPhone and iPad right away!

Mooer GE Labs iOS

The new Mooer GE Labs iOS is essentially an iPhone/iPad version of their GE series multi-effects pedal series. The app gives you access to up to 171 virtual amps, speakers and effects straight from your iPhone. There is also an inbuilt tuner and global eq, all of which should tide you over for a while. All the tones are generated using MOOER’s proprietary MNRS (MOOER Nonlinear Response Sample) technology and the app will work with any iOS compatible audio interface.

You can also buy expansion packs, which are all currently at 50% off via in app purchasing. However, with so much choice already for free, you may not need to buy anything else for quite sometime.

Mooer GE Labs iOS amp sim

Mooer GE Labs iOS amp sim


There is also an onboard control via iOS MIDI controllers that lets you tweak effects parameters and switch presets during live performances. With all these options, this freebie is a really sweet deal. It’s pretty flexible and I can see guitarists use it in many scenarios, including performance and studio work. Users can also upload/download preset patches from the MOOER Cloud, making it easy to share your favourite tones or discover new ones to play with.

Now all you need is an interface for your iPhone/ iPad and off you go!

RRP – Free with in-app purchases for sound packs

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