Bitwig announces Bitwig Studio 3.2 with new sound shaping features

Bitwig Studio 3.2Bitwig has announced Bitwig Studio 3.2. The latest version of the DAW, which is about to go into beta testing, comes with several new effects and sound shaping tools. New creative features for composition and production have also been added, along with workflow improvements and a handful of new Grid modules. Bitwig Studio 3.2 will be a free upgrade to anyone with an active upgrade plan.

Bitwig Studio 3.2

Things are evolving quickly in the world of Bitwig. After releasing Bitwig Studio 3 last summer and following up with version 3.1 in November, the Berlin-based company has just announced another upgrade for the modular DAW. The developer says that Bitwig Studio 3.2 focuses on “greater control and sculpting possibilities for all sounds”.

The update adds two new audio effects: EQ+ and Saturator. EQ+ is a parametric EQ with up to eight bands, which can be edited by clicking and dragging the EQ curve. It offers a total of 14 filter types and an Adaptive-Q option, which narrows the width of a band as the gain increases. You can solo bands for precise editing, and there’s a global frequency shift option. Bitwig has also paid attention to looks: EQ+ applies a rainbow colour spectrum to the EQ curve and bands. The developers say that this visual connection makes editing more intuitive. EQ-2 and EQ-5 now sport the new colour scheme, too. So do the frequency controls in more than 20 other devices.

Saturator is a waveshaping effect for adding “buzzing, rumble and warmth”. With drive, gain normalize and low-pass controls, as well as separate threshold, transform amount and knee settings for the quiet and loud portions of a signal, Bitwig says that it can also be used as a dynamics processor. Saturator is also available as a new Grid module. This lets you use the Grid’s polyphony to shape each note of a chord independently.

Bitwig Studio 3.2 EQ+


New creative tools

Furthermore, Bitwig Studio 3.2 adds a number of features to the DAW’s creative tools. The Arpeggiator has gained a pitch control for each step. It also now tracks micro pitch changes and polyphonic aftertouch, which should be useful if you work with MPE-enabled controllers. New arpeggiation shapes and timing options have also been added.

The Instrument Selector, Note FX Selector and audio FX Selector have been expanded with voice modes for dynamic triggering of layers. Bitwig says that this lets you do things like assigning different presets or even different VST plug-ins to each note of a chord. There are various modes for switching layers automatically, including Round-robin, Free Voice and Random. Manual layer switching can be achieved with keyswitches, control changes or program change messages.

New Grid modules

Bitwig Studio 3.2 comes with a handful of new Grid modules, as well as improvements to others. New modules include XP (Filter), Array (Data), N-Latch (Logic), Saturator (Shaper) and Logic Delay (Logic). The Steps and AD modules have been updated with new features.

Workflow improvements

Bitwig says that they’ve implemented a number of user-requested workflow enhancements. This includes local audio returns for Drum Machine, better visualization in spectrum analyzers across the whole software and new mini displays in the mixer view. And dropping a sample into a Grid patch now results in the automatic creation of a Sampler module, which is quite convenient.

Price and availability

Bitwig Studio 3.2 is about to go into beta testing. The company plans to release it in Q2 of 2020. The upgrade is free to all users with an active upgrade plan for Bitwig Studio.

According to Bitwig, the slimmed-down Bitwig Studio 16-Track and 8-Track versions will also get updated, but the new devices are exclusive to the full version.

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