Deal: Reduced prices on all Output plug-ins until May 10th

Output spring saleOutput is known for creative plug-ins with unique sounds and capabilities. With their unconventional concepts, controls and features, the company’s virtual instruments and effects are popular among musicians and sound designers alike. And now is an especially good time to get them: all Output plug-ins are on sale until May 10th.

Output plug-ins on sale

With savings of up to 35%, Output’s spring sale is a great opportunity to add some of these creative tools to your collection. The line-up includes innovative virtual instruments like Analog Brass & Winds, Analog Strings and the Substance Bass Engine, as well as the Exhale vocal engine, Signal synthesizer and REV reverse engine. Output’s unique effects plug-ins Movement and Portal are also on sale.

The Output instruments have steadily made a name for themselves with their great sounds and inspiring workflows. The same goes for the effects, which present new opportunities to mangle your audio tracks in ways previously unheard of. They all come with large preset collections to get you started.

All Output plug-ins are now on sale at* at about 35% below the regular price. But don’t wait too long, as this offer expires on May 10th, 2020.


The Output instruments require Kontakt 5.6.5 or higher or the free Kontakt 5 Player. These are available for macOS 10.10 or higher and Windows 7 or higher in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats (32/64 bit). The effects require macOS 10.9 or higher or Windows 7 or higher. They, too, come in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats (32/64 bit).

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Bitwig announces Bitwig Studio 3.2 with new sound shaping features

Bitwig Studio 3.2Bitwig has announced Bitwig Studio 3.2. The latest version of the DAW, which is about to go into beta testing, comes with several new effects and sound shaping tools. New creative features for composition and production have also been added, along with workflow improvements and a handful of new Grid modules. Bitwig Studio 3.2 will be a free upgrade to anyone with an active upgrade plan.

Bitwig Studio 3.2

Things are evolving quickly in the world of Bitwig. After releasing Bitwig Studio 3 last summer and following up with version 3.1 in November, the Berlin-based company has just announced another upgrade for the modular DAW. The developer says that Bitwig Studio 3.2 focuses on “greater control and sculpting possibilities for all sounds”.

The update adds two new audio effects: EQ+ and Saturator. EQ+ is a parametric EQ with up to eight bands, which can be edited by clicking and dragging the EQ curve. It offers a total of 14 filter types and an Adaptive-Q option, which narrows the width of a band as the gain increases. You can solo bands for precise editing, and there’s a global frequency shift option. Bitwig has also paid attention to looks: EQ+ applies a rainbow colour spectrum to the EQ curve and bands. The developers say that this visual connection makes editing more intuitive. EQ-2 and EQ-5 now sport the new colour scheme, too. So do the frequency controls in more than 20 other devices.

Saturator is a waveshaping effect for adding “buzzing, rumble and warmth”. With drive, gain normalize and low-pass controls, as well as separate threshold, transform amount and knee settings for the quiet and loud portions of a signal, Bitwig says that it can also be used as a dynamics processor. Saturator is also available as a new Grid module. This lets you use the Grid’s polyphony to shape each note of a chord independently.

Bitwig Studio 3.2 EQ+


New creative tools

Furthermore, Bitwig Studio 3.2 adds a number of features to the DAW’s creative tools. The Arpeggiator has gained a pitch control for each step. It also now tracks micro pitch changes and polyphonic aftertouch, which should be useful if you work with MPE-enabled controllers. New arpeggiation shapes and timing options have also been added.

The Instrument Selector, Note FX Selector and audio FX Selector have been expanded with voice modes for dynamic triggering of layers. Bitwig says that this lets you do things like assigning different presets or even different VST plug-ins to each note of a chord. There are various modes for switching layers automatically, including Round-robin, Free Voice and Random. Manual layer switching can be achieved with keyswitches, control changes or program change messages.

New Grid modules

Bitwig Studio 3.2 comes with a handful of new Grid modules, as well as improvements to others. New modules include XP (Filter), Array (Data), N-Latch (Logic), Saturator (Shaper) and Logic Delay (Logic). The Steps and AD modules have been updated with new features.

Workflow improvements

Bitwig says that they’ve implemented a number of user-requested workflow enhancements. This includes local audio returns for Drum Machine, better visualization in spectrum analyzers across the whole software and new mini displays in the mixer view. And dropping a sample into a Grid patch now results in the automatic creation of a Sampler module, which is quite convenient.

Price and availability

Bitwig Studio 3.2 is about to go into beta testing. The company plans to release it in Q2 of 2020. The upgrade is free to all users with an active upgrade plan for Bitwig Studio.

According to Bitwig, the slimmed-down Bitwig Studio 16-Track and 8-Track versions will also get updated, but the new devices are exclusive to the full version.

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The new GE Labs iOS amp sim from MOOER is now free to download for your iOS device

Mooer GE LAbs iOS freeMooer has just announced that they are giving away their GE Labs iOS amp sim for free. You can download this fully fledged amp sim, effects, and more for your iPhone and iPad right away!

Mooer GE Labs iOS

The new Mooer GE Labs iOS is essentially an iPhone/iPad version of their GE series multi-effects pedal series. The app gives you access to up to 171 virtual amps, speakers and effects straight from your iPhone. There is also an inbuilt tuner and global eq, all of which should tide you over for a while. All the tones are generated using MOOER’s proprietary MNRS (MOOER Nonlinear Response Sample) technology and the app will work with any iOS compatible audio interface.

You can also buy expansion packs, which are all currently at 50% off via in app purchasing. However, with so much choice already for free, you may not need to buy anything else for quite sometime.

Mooer GE Labs iOS amp sim

Mooer GE Labs iOS amp sim


There is also an onboard control via iOS MIDI controllers that lets you tweak effects parameters and switch presets during live performances. With all these options, this freebie is a really sweet deal. It’s pretty flexible and I can see guitarists use it in many scenarios, including performance and studio work. Users can also upload/download preset patches from the MOOER Cloud, making it easy to share your favourite tones or discover new ones to play with.

Now all you need is an interface for your iPhone/ iPad and off you go!

RRP – Free with in-app purchases for sound packs

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Get FREE iZotope Neutron Elements & More! (#StayInCreate)

Get FREE iZotope Neutron Elements & More! (#StayInCreate)

Loopcloud has launched the #StayInCreate bundle, a free collection of music production goodies provided in tandem with Loopmasters, Plugin Boutique, iZotope, and Producertech. The #StayInCreate bundle is offered as a free download to everyone interested. However, only the users who signed up to Loopcloud before April 16th will receive additional points in their account. Everyone […]

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Beats and Loops drum machine app: Turn your phone into a looper pedal!

Kovaluu Beats and LoopsHere’s something you probably haven’t seen before. Finnish developer Kovaluu has a drum machine and looper app out called Beats and Loops. So far, so well, but there’s one unique feature. And you have to be very careful with it…

A virtual pedal

Kovaluu’s innovative app uses the smartphone’s proximity sensor to let you hover your foot and imitate a stomp the way you’d stomp on a pedal. That’s quite novel, but you better be careful not to crush your phone with your foot in the heat of the moment! Dangers aside, the foot functionality includes starting and stopping songs, triggering drum fills, switching song parts and recording loops. So plenty of live looping to be done hands-free with this app. As far as I know, no other music app uses the proximity sensor in such a clever manner.

Drum machine

The drum machine sections features 50 beats with A & B parts and several fills. Tempo can be freely adjusted and new kick drum patterns can be entered. The built-in instruments are an acoustic drum kit (vintage 60’s Ludwig), a Cajon kit, and a metronome. Sounds great for acoustic performances!


The looper can record your phrases through the phone’s microphone or an external source if you have an audio interface connected. To awoid feedback, the phone must be hooked to an external speaker, headphones or an AUX input. Built-in feedback cancellation prevents the drums from leaking into your recorded audio. The latter is auto synchronized to the beat, which sounds like a great, Ableton-esque feature to have. It makes for a fluid pattern and clip-based compositional environment.

Price and availability

Beats and Loops costs USD 4 and is available for iOS and Android devices. Head to its product page to get the download links.

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TheWaveWarden Odin2: Viking synth of the gods for free

TheWaveWarden ODIN2TheWaveWarden has released the new and improved ODIN2 12-voice virtual synthesizer that comes straight out of Valhalla and could protect your music from the inevitable Ragnarok.


It’s a massive overhaul on the original just in terms of the look but it does follow a similar path. You have the three oscillator slots at the top and these can be filled with a wide range of options; Analog, Wavetable, Multi, Vector, Chiptune, FM, PhaseMod, Noise or you draw your own wavetable, chiptune or spectrum. That’s all pretty remarkable!

Next you have a bunch of filters including an Oberheim, Moog and Korg emulation. You can load up your choice of three filters, two before the amplifier and one after. You can then select which oscillators route through the first two filters on the way to the amp.

The oscillators and filters have separate envelopes and then there are three individual LFOs and a global one for all your modulation needs routed through an 18 slot matrix.

It’s all rounded off with a bunch of effects.

ODIN2 is very neat. The slightly modular layout works well and emphasises the flow of audio. It’s good, simple and free. The only let down is the current lack of presets to shine a light on how good it could sound but part of releasing this beta version of ODIN2 for free is to source presets from users. So get patching and you could have a preset in the official release version.

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#StayInCreate package offers producers loads of free content

#StayInCreateIf you are into music production in some way, you probably don’t have much to do right now besides eat, sleep and create (unless you have kids, of course). On the whole, we creatives have it pretty good. Adding to all the freeware and extended trials that popped up over the past few weeks, the people behind Plugin Boutique, iZotope, Producertech and Loopcloud teamed up to make our days (and nights) brighter with the #StayInCreate initiative.

#StayInCreate package

The initiative plays like a four-part harmony. First off, iZotope is giving away Neutron 3 Elements, its revered mixing tool & channel strip. Netron 3 Elements features a good bit of functionality, including an AI-driven mixing assistant which helps with setting up Neutron’s procesors – EQ, compressor, exciter and transient shaper.

Part two – Producertech provides three months of all-access membership completely free of charge. One of the better online music production schools around, Producertech has gobs and gobs of content to sink your teeth into while on downtime. That’s over 400 hours of tutorials, hundreds of projects and presets, and over 10GB of Loopmasters samples that’s yours to take advantage of.

Part three – Loopmasters has opened up its Loopcloud in-daw sample library with a free 30-day trial of its Studio Plan. This lets you grab up to 300 sounds per month and an additional 25 free sounds daily.

Part four – Plugin Boutique is giving away the Radio plug-in, an online radio streaming plug-in that lets you record the last 30 seconds of any stream right in your DAW. Grabbing sounds from radio is a sampling classic that’s now modernized for DAW-based producers. In addition to streaming, Radio offers as many as 24 FX processors to, hopefully, mangle your sampled audio beyond the recognition of rights holders.

Great! Where is all that?

This blog post from Loopcloud contains all the links and coupon codes you need to jump on board right now. The offers are valid until the 3rd of May at 23:59 PST.

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