ASM Hydrasynth gets a mutant update and a new Hydramorph morphing editor

ASM Hydrasynth and HydramorphA new 1.4 software update to the Hydrasynth brings a PhazDiff mutant and new noise generators while a third-party sound design tool will algorithmically morph parameters to new places.

Hydrasynth 1.4

Doesn’t feel like it’s been out very long but ASM has been working hard on adding new features and tackling bugs and so we find ourselves at version 1.4. On the whole ASM says that the majority of the update is about squashing bugs and in this case there are 24 of the buggers. Makes you think that perhaps it needed a bit more testing before it was released into the wild but it’s not unusual for bugs to only become apparent once a machine is in wider use.

What is new is the PhazDiff Mutant. Mutants are algorithms within the Hydrasynth that can be used to modulate the sound from the oscillators. These are familiar things like FM, Sync, PWM and also some newer things like stacking waveforms and sweeping harmonics. PhazDiff generates the difference of the incoming wave and a version that’s inverted and phase-shifted.

ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard

ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard

They’ve also added four new colours to the noise generator and we have Red, Blue, Violet and Grey to play with.

The 1.4 firmware is available to download from the ASM website and is free to all users.

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  • ASM Hydrasynth Downloads page.


Meanwhile, sound designer John Keston (from Audio Cookbook) has released Hydramorph; a third-party software editor for the Hydrasynth that’s designed to algorithmically morph parameters. It’s like hitting an enormous randomise button and you can sit back and let it take you on a journey in Hydrasynth possibilities.

He designed it to help him understand the Hydrasynth better and let him explore its depths.

Hydramorph appears to pull out all the 366 parameters and makes for a quite complex GUI of fields and numbers. It’s simply a matter of turning on the parameters you want to be involved in the morphing. John suggests that morphing everything at once doesn’t usually produce anything helpful whereas focusing in on a section or function comes up with better results. You can set the time scale and resolution of the morphing and get on with experimenting.



Hydramorph provides a pretty unique way of exploring a hardware instrument and is available for $39.99.

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