Amped ROOTS free amp sim by Riffs, Beards & Gear blasts through the 5034 Fluff

Amped ROOTS free from Riffs, Beards & Gear now you can blast through the 5034 FluffFluff from Riffs, Beards & Gear has worked with M L Sound Lab coproduce a completely free amp sim plugin called ROOTS. If you enjoy his YouTube channel, you’ll know he has great taste in high gain amps and this freebie is based on his own personal amp preferences. 


The new hybrid amp simulation is called the 5034 Fluff, part of the Amped Roots Free package you can download here for free. It is based on Ryan “Fluff” Bruce’s favourite amp style and is certainly in the heavier high-gain territory. It’s tight and loud.

The package is currently available for Windows and Mac  or as a standalone in VST3 and AU plugin formats, with AAX due soon as well. And it sounds great! I’ve been playing with it all morning in Logic Pro X and it is certainly worth downloading.

Free Amped Roots

Free Amped Roots

Amped ROOTS Full License

If you enjoy the free version, then they also have a well priced Amped ROOTS Full License, incorporating 5034 Fluff  5151 FluffFreeman Fluff and Mega Fluff. You also get Fluff’s personal guitar cabinet as a loadable ML IR. So a nice cheap way of getting four new amp sims for your DAW setup.

Check out the video below two hear it all in action and follow the link below to get your free copy or order a full license.

RRP – Free  or Full Licence EUR 59.99 

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