Stacked sounds and MIDI mapping hurdles in SSD5 (or SSD5.5) when creating an own drum kit

Let’s face two facts:

  1. Steven Slate Drums, especially the new SDD5.5, simply sound fucking great, out of the box.
  2. The MIDI mapping, especially the “stacking issue”, is a pain in the ass.

When it comes to point 2 I had a conversation with the support. Remarkable: I never got a quicker support reply. What leaves me in mixed emotions is the content of it. Here’s my message:

I can’t seem to find the “Input Converter” in SSD5.5. I’d love to keep the mapping for every kit loaded, so that I can switch between drum sets, but keep the samples where they were.

Then I can’t figure out how to “unstack” samples… well, in all honesty: why do they get stacked by default in the first place? Would be great if they’d get somewhat logically mapped to their own MIDI notes (like a second kick drum close to the 1st one etc.). It’s very inconvenient to have a second hi-hat placed 3 octaves above the first one. That makes drum programming a nightmare.

I want to build a huge drum set with 2 different kick drums, 2 different hi-hats etc., and not run 2 instances of SSD5.5 in one project, just to be able to have this.

I know, I can assign every single sample to another note (MIDI Learn), but to do all of this by hand is, as mentioned, a nightmare.

Also, what’s the difference between “User (not loaded)” and “Reserved (not loaded)”, and what happens when I put, say, a kick drum on a “Bell left (not loaded)”? Will the left bell WHEN LOADED then stack up with the kick drum?

As said, I want to build a huge drum kit with all the samples I have in mind, but right now mapping issues stand in the way.


Here’s the reply:


please note SSD5.5 offers MIDI learn in two different locations, the mapping section, which can be accessed by first clicking on the “Map” Tab, on the left side of SSD 5, and the articulation switching which can be accessed in the edit and mix tabs. The MIDI learn in the “MAP” tab is global, meaning that notes are mapped before they hit SSD5. Thus, these changes do not save per kit, for saved presets, you will have to reload them each time you load a new kit. This is good for making maps for MIDI controllers/ E-Kit’s as mapping isn’t tied to a kit, and users can set a default mapping preset, to make for ease of use when switching kits and using a MIDI device.

On the other hand, MIDI learn in the edit/mix tab is not global, and the changes you make save per kit. In the sense of you were to make a new assignment in the edit/mix page, then save your kit. When re-loading your kit, this change will be recalled. The MIDI learn in the edit/mix tab is used for stacking the OG-One shots on existing snares, and un-mapping stacked articulation. It can also be used to use multiple snares and cymbals, and assign them to different MIDI notes, so you can play different snares and cymbals and different times, and on different pads if you have an e-kit.

Refer to these articles:


Cameron Kuwada
Steven Slate Drums | Slate Media Technology
Technical Support Specialist

I’m gonna leave it at that. Make up your own mind. Rest assured, I’m not super happy.

Allen & Heath SQ V1.5 Firmware Update with new features and plug-ins

Allen & Heath SQ seriesAllen & Heath has drops a V1.5 firmware update for its successful range of SQ series mixing desks. The new firmware brings RTA functionality along with more recording channels, and additional features. You’ll have to cough up some hard cash if you want the tasty new FX units though…

New RTA on all SQ Series Channels

V1.5 Firmware Update

Allen & Heath launched its successful SQ series digital mixing desks at the tail end of 2017, rounding out the range with the flagship SQ7 just a few months later. Now, Allen & Heath drops a big SQ firmware update to V1.5 firmware update. So what’s new? Is this a must-have firmware update or is it all a bit meh?

Taking a read through Allen & Heath’s release notes, we can’t help but feel slightly underwhelmed. But there are a few items that are noteworthy, valuable upgrades:

  • RTA function updated to permit channel based analysis with new display functionality
  • 32 channel record/playback from SQ Drive now permitted
  • HPF and LPF filter now available on all processing channels
  • Availability of new FX Processing add-ons

New Free Stuff! What’s the Problem?

We’re left feeling underwhelmed and moreover a little disappointed by the V1.5 firmware update, for a few reasons. First and foremost, a lot of this functionality should have been available from day one. Isn’t RTA analysis on a channel by channel basis a given on any digital desk nowadays?

That we’ve had to wait for HPF and LPF functions on all channels seems a bit of a stretch. Desks of this type are often employed to do double duty as FOH and monitor mixer, where a HPF is a bare minimum requirement on monitor sends.

Charging for new plug-ins

The new plug-ins encompass the Tape Echo, Bucket Brigade Echo and Hyper Bass. Having additional quality plug-ins available on your mixer is always great. But here’s the caveat: they all have to be purchased separately (although the hyper bass plugin has been offered for free on a temporary basis).

Whilst charging for new plug-ins is the norm for the software-based studio world, we can’t help but feel that a piece of dedicated live hardware shouldn’t need additional expenditure on proprietary plug-ins. SQ mixer owners will, no doubt, vote with their wallets – either these plug-ins will find buyers or they won’t.

Overall then? We’re happy to see these updates, but they should have been there from the start. And please stop charging extra for FX plugins, please!

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Heavyocity Releases #StayHome Sound Library For Kontakt

#StayHome" style="margin-bottom: 15px;" />

Heavyocity has released #StayHome, a donationware (pay what you want) sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt (loops in WAV and REX format are also included). #StayHome is a collection of 80+ tonal and percussive audio loops designed for use with Native Instruments Kontakt. The suggested donation amount is $10, although there is no minimum payment […]

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SampleScience Releases FREE Analog Waveforms Virtual Instrument

Analog Waveforms by SampleScience

SampleScience has released Analog Waveforms, a freeware sample-based virtual instrument in VST and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac. Analog Waveforms is based on a set of four raw analog waveform multi-samples. The source sounds were recorded from the Mopho hardware synthesizer manufactured by Dave Smith Instruments. Each oscillator […]

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Deal: Up to 80% off Soundtoys plug-ins at Plugin Boutique!

Soundtoys logoIf you have some cash to spare amidst this quarantine thing, consider Soundtoys. Our buds at Plugin Boutique launched a spring sale on all Soundtoys products – still some of the finest effects money can buy. The discounts are deep, reaching up to 80% for individual plug-ins and 39% for the Soundtoys 5 Plugin Bundle.

The people in charge at Soundtoys are former Eventide heads, so if you know what this name stands for, then you know where the Soundtoys stuff comes from.Free trials are on offer, so you have a perfect opportunity to test drive classics like the EchoBoy delay/echo and Decapitator saturator and compressor.

Soundtoys 5 Plugin Bundle

The big mama of this offer includes all 21 Soundtoys plug-ins and requires no dongle for activation. An iLok account and the iLock License Manager are required for authorisation, both available for free. Normally, the bundle costs USD 499 which is still reasonable considering what you are getting. But a big ol’ discount is what it is, all things considered!

Soundtoys Effect Rack

Soundtoys Effect Rack

The newest addition to the Soundtoys line-up is the Effect Rack. It lets you line-up FX chains from a single plug-in instance, rather than horsing around a chain of individual plug-ins. A global mix control lets you blend the effected chain with the dry signal and a Recycle control lets you feed back the effect rack output into its input for experimental modulations and sounds. Additionally, the Effect Rack includes as many as 67 presets utilizing its capabilities and providing a jump-off point.

All in all, great stuff! If I didn’t have a bunch of taxes to sort out, I’d jump onto this hardcore.

More information


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Free: IK Multimedia gives away AmpliTube Orange Tiny Terror Amp Sim till 6 May

IK Multimedia Orange Tiny Terror for free until May 6The AmpliTube Orange Tiny Terror Amp from IK Multimedia is now available as freeware for a short time! This amp emulation was created in collaboration with the manufacturer Orange, and gives you the familiar sound of the Tiny Terror modelled in your DAW. 

AmpliTube Orange Tiny Terror Amp Sim

IK Multimedia wants to add some subscribers to its newsletter, apparently. The Italian software and hardware company is offering new subscribers the¬†AmpliTube Orange Tiny Terror amp simulation for free. As long as you sign up for IK’s newsletter, that is…

IK says the Tiny Terror amp sim gives you sounds from “clean/bluesy crunch to Punk and Classic Rock”, so quite a wide range of crunch and drive tones. We expect that the tones will be pretty darn close to the original amp. It’s part of the AmpliTube Orange set of emulations, which includes eight Orange amps: AD 200, Dual Terror, OR 50, Thunderverb 200, Tiny Terror, AD30TC, Rockerverb 50 and the OR-120. Nine matching cabs are on offer, too. The company obviously hopes to entice you to demo the Orange sound and spend some cash on the other models.

To use the Tiny Terror, you need to download the Custom Shop app, which is free of charge. This even contains another 24 bits of virtual analogue gear that you can use right away, for free. The Custom Shop has both standalone and plug-in versions, so you can use it inside or independently of your DAW of choice.

IK Multimedia Orange Tiny Terror for free until May 6

IK Multimedia Orange Tiny Terror for free until May 6

Prices and dates

IK Multimedia AmpliTube Orange Tiny Terror Amp is¬†available free of charge on the manufacturer’s website until May 6, 2020.¬†To take advantage of the offer, you must¬†subscribe to¬†the company’s newsletter here.¬†Then you have to¬†install¬†the free¬†Custom Shop¬†app, in which the new amp should be activated.¬†Typically, this effect costs $¬†24.99.¬†The plug-in runs on¬†macOS 10.7 or higher¬†and¬†Windows 7 or higher¬†than¬†AAX, VST, VST3¬†and¬†AU¬†in¬†64 bit¬†.

More Information


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TIME OUT – Forest Tales III

WARNING: This music has a very strong, psychoactive effect. It is extremely deep, sad and melancholic. If you are not feeling mentally well right now, I seriously advise against listening to this music! If you are thinking about ending your life, I urge you to talk to someone who can help you. You are important and needed! I’ve been through this, and today I’m happy I’m still around.

For everyone feeling well, this music may have a beautiful, soothing, relaxing or even uplifting effect. I hope it comforts you on the path through lockdown. Stay healthy and strong!

Here is the podcast on Spotify:

from LIGHTS OUT Podcast

Get FREE Orange Tiny Terror For AmpliTube Custom Shop!

Orange Tiny Terror for AmpliTube Custom Shop

IK Multimedia is offering the Orange Tiny Terror (€24.99 value) guitar amp model for AmpliTube Custom Shop as a free add-on for new and existing email subscribers. The Orange Tiny Terror amp model for AmpliTube Custom Shop was developed in collaboration with Orange Amplifiers for the AmpliTube Orange bundle. The model is normally available as […]

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Facebook Live: Cashing in on Pay-Per-View Video Events?

Facebook is introducing a new feature allowing page owners to charge access to Facebook Live video events. A great new resource for live artists seeking an income stream? Or is it another shameless corporate cash-in, exploiting already cash-starved creatives?

Facebook Live Updates

A raft of updates was announced this month to Facebook, along with new features to help you live stream and connect more easily. What jumped out at us were the new Facebook Live and Facebook Event features. It seems you’ll now be able to mark your event pages as “online-only” and in addition to this, add a Facebook Live stream.

What we see as most controversial is that pages will now be able to charge for access to live events: “To support creators and small businesses, we plan to add the ability for Pages to charge for access to events with Live videos on Facebook”. Yup, Facebook has effectively now moved into the ticketing business for live shows!

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly forced a lot of us to seek alternative revenue streams; losing income from traditional live shows has hurt many of us hard. Clearly a lot of artists have turned to live streaming in order to publicise their music and promote their music.

So I get money from my livestreams? That’s great right?

Here’s the crunch. So far, Facebook hasn’t told us what percentage cut they’ll be taking per paid event. It seems extremely unlikely to us that they’ll be offering their platform and streaming bandwidth for free. After all, they are a business! We wait with bated breath on whether this will be a great potential income stream for all of us, or if it’s another cynical corporate cash-grab.

One thing’s for sure: the music business has always found a way of monetising the creative output of musicians and performers. If that’s a relationship with an equitable split of profits, everyone wins. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into the streaming industry model; none of us wants to “give away” our art to make others rich.

What are your thoughts? Is this a great opportunity for live performers? Or will artists be once again leveraged for corporate profits? Let us know in the comments!

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