[Past Perfect] Volume 1

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In the last few months, I have picked out records that I consider the most important and best from 1990 to 2005. Here and there I had to ask friends if they could provide me with digital recordings from vinyl, because I did not own much of the material myself anymore. After I had everything digitally available, I carefully (re)mastered each track, always staying close to the original, I didn’t want destroy that special “feeling” of that time. Not that it’s much important to you, probably, but I also pitch-corrected tracks that were slightly “off key”, partly because of unstable vinyl recordings or issues with the production itself. Back then not everything was 100%, especially not when producers used analog synths.

After improving the music, I made a DJ mix out of it in my studio. And the result is now available to you, as a lossless FLAC file. You have never heard that music in a better sound quality!

That’s why I call this mix series “Past Perfect”, because that’s what it is for me. Talking about “series”… this is the first installment. I have hundreds of more material from back then, so stay tuned for more.


Junk Project – Composure [Universal Prime Breaks]
Mara – Coming Down [Choo Choo Records]
Schiller – Ruhe (Humate Remix) [Zeitgeist]
Fingerfest Inc – Autoporno [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
Brother Brown – Slap Me Some Skin [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
Hardfloor – Acperience 1 [Harthouse Germany]
Lowriders – Part 1 / Beat Rising [OneStar Recordings]
Ramirez – ¡Hablando! [DFC]
David Alvarado – Blue [Strive]
Microwave Prince – Cyclic Evolution [Le Petit Prince]
Robert Armani – Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix) [Djax-Up-Beats]
Van Bellen – Let Me Take You (On A Journey) [Suck Me Plasma]
Luzon – The Baguio Track (Bedrock Mix) [Renaissance]
Doi-Oing – Blue (Airport EP Mix) [Northern Exposure Recordings]
Journey – Don’t Stop Believing (Sunday Club Unofficial Remix) [CBS]
Halo Varga – Future! [Hooj Choons]
Three Drives – Greece 2000 [ZYX Music]
M. Accorsi & J. Bassetti – Until The End [EQ [Grey]]
Desert – Moods [Stress Records]
K-Lab – In The Lab [Undiscovered]
Visions – Coming Home (Sunday Club Remix) [Stress Records]
Tekara Feat. Lucy Cotter – Breathe In You (Tekara’s M&M Dub) [Black Hole Recordings]
Jam & Spoon – Odyssey To Anyoona [JAM!]
IiO – Rapture (Deep Dish Space Remix) [Made Records]
Medway – Release (Lexicon Avenue Remix) [Hooj Choons]
Jimpy – Talkin’ (Tarrentella Vs. Redanka Remix) [Star 69 Records]
Brothers Love Dubs – 1-800-Ming [Kismet Records]
Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Three’n One Remix) [Edelpitch]
Cevin Fisher – Music Saved My Life (Pete Heller’s Groove Jet Moment Mix) [Maxi Records]
Regal – Acid Is The Answer [Involve Records]
Miro – The One I Run To [Global Underground]
Weekend World – The Word [Boxed]
Tilt – Seduction Of Orpheus (Tarrantella Vs Redanka Remix) [Hooj Choons]
G-Pal Presents Ghos – I Can See The Lights [Klik Records Swift Records]
Stephane K – Numb (Meat Katie Remix) [Global Underground]
Emmanuel Top – Turkish Bazar (Original Club Mix) [Kosmo Records]
Hydrogen Rockers Feat. Mayte – Musica (Hydrogen Dub) [House Tempo]
Desert – Feelings Run So Deep [Stress Records]
Sasha – Xpander [Deconstruction]
MRE – The Deep Edge [Hooj Choons]
New Order – Blue Monday (Hardfloor Mix) [London Records 90]
Seal – I’m Alive (BT & Sasha Mix) [Warner Bros. Records]
Sunday Club – Healing Dream [Stress Records]
Art Of Trance – Monsoon [Platipus]
Sultan, Stephanie Vezina – Nightvisions (Feat. Stephanie Vezina) [Global Underground]
Jimmy Van M – Sanctuary (Jimmy Van M At Sanctuary Mix) [Bedrock Records]
Ian Wilkie – Guten Morgen (Vocal) [Hope Recordings]

Check this Spotify playlist that contains a lot of the music above: ingovogelmann.net/pastperfect

from Ingo Vogelmann Sounds soundcloud.com/vogelmann/past-perfect-volume-1

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