TIME OUT – Ocean Tales I

I’ve recently been snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt and was both amazed and extremely saddened at the same time. While I enjoyed the vast and lush beauty of the coral reefs and its marine life I also had to witness at least 50% of dead corals and incredible amounts of plastic. All of this, especially the beauty, inspired me to record this mix, dedicated to the underwater paradise that I most probably have witnessed for the last time in my lifetime, before we humans have destroyed it all.

This is an over 6 hours long mix, the first half mainly in minor keys, the second half in major keys. It’s full of beauty, just like the underwater world of the ocean.

Make sure to check out my “TIME OUT Selection” playlist on Spotify that features most of this music: ingovogelmann.net/tos

from Ingo Vogelmann Sounds soundcloud.com/vogelmann/time-out-ocean-tales-i

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