iZotope Ozone 8 Elements Mastering Suite Is FREE Until September 30th

iZotope Ozone 8 Elements Mastering Suite Is FREE Until September 30th

Plugin Boutique is offering the Ozone 8 Elements mastering suite by iZotope as a completely free download until September 30th, 2019. Ozone 8 Elements ($129 value) is the feature-limited edition of iZotope’s flagship Ozone 8 Advanced mastering suite. It features three essential mastering tools from the full Ozone 8 mastering suite: Ozone Imager, Ozone Maximizer, […]

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TIME OUT – Ocean Tales I

I’ve recently been snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt and was both amazed and extremely saddened at the same time. While I enjoyed the vast and lush beauty of the coral reefs and its marine life I also had to witness at least 50% of dead corals and incredible amounts of plastic. All of this, especially the beauty, inspired me to record this mix, dedicated to the underwater paradise that I most probably have witnessed for the last time in my lifetime, before we humans have destroyed it all.

This is an over 6 hours long mix, the first half mainly in minor keys, the second half in major keys. It’s full of beauty, just like the underwater world of the ocean.

Make sure to check out my “TIME OUT Selection” playlist on Spotify that features most of this music: ingovogelmann.net/tos

from Ingo Vogelmann Sounds soundcloud.com/vogelmann/time-out-ocean-tales-i

Vienna Symphonic Library Releases FREE Big Bang Orchestra

Vienna Symphonic Library Releases FREE Big Bang Orchestra

Vienna Symphonic Library has released Big Bang Orchestra, a free sample-based orchestra virtual instrument. The instrument library is free to download but you will need a ViennaKey or some other USB eLicenser (by Steinberg or Arturia, for example) to activate the installation. Big Bang Orchestra is powered by Vienna Symphonic Library’s freeware Synchron Player. This […]

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Unexpected encounters and a little update on a few things

After my well-deserved (cough) holiday at the Red Sea in Egypt, I made my promise — mainly to myself — come true and finally said goodbye to Facebook and Instagram.

I do not want to reiterate in this post what possibilities there are to follow me online, which is why I only refer again to this post where everything is described.

The following little story does not serve to remind the reader how well known I am (which I am not really), but to thank those who gave me something back during my holiday at the Red Sea in Egypt they claim I have given them before: hours and hours of good energy.

The question is: is it important to me to be recognized by people in the world? No. Although I’m easy to approach as a normal person, when it comes to being a musician, I’d rather not be recognized unless I’m on a stage or behind a DJ console. Also, I was there with my family and we had a very private time. Nevertheless, I experienced something in my vacation, which I found very heartwarming and of which I would like to tell you.

My family and I were marching from the beach to our room, on a cobblestone walkway, when my partner suddenly realized that someone was following us. A few seconds later, I heard a “DJ Ingo?”. I turned around, looked in the face of a friendly young man and said “Yes?”. It turned out that the entertainment director of the hotel complex had recognized me and wanted to take a selfie with me. That’s what we did. In the following days, my presence had strangely gotten around, and of the 700 hotel guests now approx. 699 of them knew who I was and that I’m around. Oh, and yes, I have been asked to play one night, but I didn’t, of course.

Side note: That’s nothing special. I am disproportionately well-known in Islamic countries compared to all other countries in the world (apart from Mexico and Argentina).

Over time, friendships developed between us and the very reserved “admirers” never spoke much about me and my job as a musician whilst we spent time together. It was a wonderful time, and I’m really thankful for that. This is how we experienced things in Egypt that most tourists are likely to be denied.

Thank you Dima, Jamaica, Craig and all you Ahmeds and Mohameds (sorry guys, you all have the same name).

That fat thing looking like a seal is me.

We went snorkeling a few times in the Red Sea (view a few more photos here). This is most comparable to a huge aquarium or an IMAX 3D theater, incredibly fascinating. And sad at the same time, when you swim and realize in the midst of the ocean that all this is just dying. Unfortunately, with all the beauty underwater, I also had to realize that at least 50% of all corals in the reefs are dead. In addition, I have seen incredible amounts of PET or plastic washed up on the beaches, which we have collected a lot and disposed of in trash cans.

This may have been the last opportunity for me to see such a thing in reality before we humans have finally destroyed it. And I will never forget the pictures in my head. I will dedicate one of my next mixes to something related to this experience.

Rast Sound Releases FREE Vocal Morphs II For NI Kontakt

Rast Sound Releases FREE Vocal Morphs II For NI Kontakt

Rast Sound has introduced Vocal Morphs II, a freely downloadable vocal sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt (also includes samples in WAV format). Vocal Morphs II is a free vocal instrument library featuring a selection of vocal samples from Rast Sound’s premium Mideast Vocals and Ceremonial Vocals sound packs. The vocal sounds included in Vocal […]

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