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As a tie-in for the release of my new EP – “Weeble” – I’ve put together a collection of Simpler patches from one of the synths I used on the EP, the Dave Smith Instruments Pro-2

For those who aren’t up to speed on the Pro-2, it’s Dave’s latest monophonic synthesizer, based on the Prophet 12 architecture – but with new features like paraphonic mode, an Oberheim SEM style state-variable filter, and loads of modulation amenities. Here’s my full review for Keyboard Magazine.

Several of the patches are based on existing Pro-2 presets, a few are heavily tweaked.

The Pro-2 instruments in the file are as follows:

Big Room Reese – That classic bass sound we all know and love.

House Chord – Square wave chord with resonant filter envelope.

Sheet Metal – Giant metallic hit that really shows off the Pro-2’s cross-mod power.

Knarly Voice – Sounds a bit like a distorted sitar.

MiniFunk – A variation on one of the synth elements in “Oooh.”

ProWhat – Pro-2 preset that nails the big Prophet sound.

Woodie – Percussion sound with a touch of wobble.

Sub Oct Bass – Can be used as a pluck or a bass, depending on the octave range.

Here’s the Ableton Live file containing the presets:
Francis Prève – DSI Pro-2 Simpler 8-pack
(compatible with Ableton Live 8.4.2 and higher)

Note 1: If you like any of these sounds and want to keep them handy for future tracks, just click the little save button in the upper right corner of the Simpler and add it to your library (it will copy the waves too).

Note 2: If you don’t use Ableton and just want the C3 samples, I’ve created a downloadable Soundcloud file with all of the samples in series.

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from Francis Prève…

Via Francis Prève with kind permission. Check him out for more awesome stuff.

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