L2E004 : Jonah Hakanson – Because (Original Mix) by L2MSC

Talented producer Jonah Hakanson pulls out all the stops with this impressive EP from L2 Music, presenting two tracks that cover brand new territory and exhibit an unparalleled sound. “Because” steals your attention from the start, each added element building emotion and drive as the track evolves. Dynamic vocals add to the wide range of genre defying sounds, leading from a dark techy beat to a beautiful progressive breakdown.

This combination of seamlessly intertwined energies can also be heard in “You Run Away”, a track that wonderfully blends a lovely melody with deep bass and a gentle yet powerful rhythm. The vocals are a sweet addition to the mix, adding the final touch on a well developed vision. A solid and complete EP when both tracks are combined, each manages to tell a unique story that you will want to keep listening to.

Delivered by Label Worx on behalf of L2 Music

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