Complementing the premiere release from L2 Music is a set of remixes that take Ingo Vogelmann’s excellent original tracks into exciting new directions.

The Ryan Pamatmat & Pav Parrotte FreQ Remix of Memories I Keep is a hard hitting track with a deep bass and club shaking beat, complete with high level breakdowns that make you want to dance. A unique combination of rhythms and melody, the FreQ remix covers a lot of new ground.

Adwer takes on Monkeys with two definitive remixes, each bringing something special to the table. The Doomed Remix is a fitting name, with a futuristic and cinematic atmosphere that gets twisted and techy, combining sounds with edginess and grit.

The Downtempo Remix focuses on perfectly flowing waves, interweaving hypnotic synths with circling beats, creating a complete cycle of sound throughout.

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