Exactly one year ago I left Germany, to live in the Philippines. I left everything and a lot of people behind, not in my heart, but physically. Some of those might wonder why I just left without a personal good-bye or explanation, some might be hurt or even pissed off.

I’m sorry that I made them feel this way, but I don’t regret anything, too. I needed to have it this way, unbiased and without the drama of a good-bye. It would have torn my own heart apart, I wasn’t able to do this. I still haven’t talked to some people, because I still wouldn’t know what to say, other than: it had to happen, I needed to get the fuck out of this, I was terribly fed up and there was nothing more to do for me. A very egoistic thing. The only thing I could’ve done better is leaving earlier, from my point of view.

I miss some people very much, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about those close to my heart. I just couldn’t live in this environment anymore, and I had other and new things to do.

I hope you will understand me one day. We all have to find our happiness. This is a very personal matter, and no one can decide for us, nor is it anyone’s right to judge.

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