Kasey Taylor’s my boy. πŸ™‚ I want to add something:

DJ’s like Kasey and I (and a LOT of other people) don’t complain about this shady thing because we hate EDM, nor because we’re not in the Top 100 Bubble Gum Plastic People List. We complain because we love EDM and we care about this industry and its fans, our fans. Stuff like DJmag’s “poll” (there has been evidence about payments already last year) is ruining the reputation of the global EDM scene, and even the term “EDM” has become dirty.

Guys like Kasey β€” that speak up β€” are important to keep the spirit alive, that all of us once drove to become a DJ and make music like this and see you on the dancefloor and have a good time together.

The EDM “scene” today, and the ones that pull the strings in the background, is mainly motivated by the big events with the big money to be made, that take place in metropoles of the world, mainly the USA. US folks “discovered” raves 20 years after “raves” were already “old” in Europe. Europeans became tired of all those big-ass mass events and began to prefer the club experience where things are cozy and more personal. A place to meet old and new friends, party together and really listen to every beat.

So, dear EDM fans, please don’t believe the hype. This movement once started underground, and the real ace beats are still to be found in the small to mid-size clubs all over the world. Support your local clubs, promoters, DJ’s and especially the promoters that are couraged and convinced enough to take the risk of booking overseas DJ’s that you normally wouldn’t see in your lifetime.

Help keeping the true EDM spirit alive! \u003C3 Thanks!

Kasey Taylor

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