It’s one thing to be a good DJ and another one to be properly represented. I looked out for a proper agent for many years. I never wanted to be part of an agency where you’re just another name on the roster but no one really cares about the appropriate representation, so I decided to rather do it on my own — which always is suboptimal, of course. I’m stubborn when it comes to meeting my quality demands. Some things need the time they just need, I’ve never been after an unsatisfying fill-in.

I’m more than pleased and excited to be part of the great TWO POINT ZERO AGENCY family — where I’m in excellent company — and industry professionals I know and have been working with for quite some years, are taking care about my bookings from now on. And I know they’ll do it the way it should be.


For me and you this means that the opportunities to play to you, near you, will increase. Please, read this article on why this can be an issue. I couldn’t be more excited about these new prospects!

Please, contact Sara Bremner or Murray McKee at TWO POINT ZERO for all booking enquiries from now on. They’re incredibly nice people.


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Hello 2013, here we come.

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