Morgan Richards: Heya Dave, so you’re currently in the studio. What are you up to at this very moment?

Dave Seaman: Yeah, I’m just doing a little mix for you guys down there, for the radio station triple j. It’s just a little half an hour promotional mix for the gig.

MR: Nice. What sort of stuff are you including in the mix?

DS: It’s sort of clubby, quite techy… I can’t really talk about genres anymore (laughs). I’m just completely confused. What I might call one genre, someone else might call something completely different. To me, what I’m doing here is progressive house, but if you go Beatport and listen to what they call progressive house… I don’t play any of that. That’s just cheesy pop music. So I don’t really know what to call club music any more. It’s undergound, it’s not commercial; but it’s not avant-garde or anything – it’s not painfully cool. It’s good solid club music.

MR: So it’s bedrock-style prog house?

DS: Yeah, yeah. Is that still what people call progressive house? I don’t know. It’s certainly not what Beatport call progressive house. Look, it’s all acid house. It all comes from the same place to me. I understand genres are a necessary evil, otherwise we’d just be faced with a load of tunes. We’d be swimming into a very big pond, with no idea where to start really. But then, some people are quite happy to introduce things like yacht house and romantic techno and silly genres like that.

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