Dear PUMA,

I have been a fan of your wonderful products — especially shoes — since I can think. What I have seen in a Footlocker store in Essen, Germany today can’t become unseen, it burned itself deep into my flesh. PUMA, remember that people like me (DJs) have been called and seen as fucking cunts by the piece of respectless garbage you advertise with. We the fucking cunts have made this asshole rich and you’re jumping on that bandwagon now? You better should’ve made your homework.

I will never buy your products again. Call this a marketing flop par excellence. I’m the type of guy who loves to indentify with a product/brand. In this case that’s completely destroyed.

Time to say good-bye, PUMA.

With a sad face,



Photo by Luis Ortuño

Dear Heineken,

glad you show PUMA that you made your homework. You advertise with a person who contributed so much positive to the scene. Thank you, I’m a Heineken fan (and I was before).



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