This is a must read article. I still can’t believe this happened. Here’s a little excerpt of the full story:

This is all I have to say… Congratulations Jersey. You actually deported and banned the one guy who wasn’t getting paid, injected money into your economy and had nothing but good things to say about you and your island (until now) and let the one guy who *was* getting paid for the gig without a work visa get away. Effective. I didn’t do *anything* wrong. In fact, I provided work to one of your local musicians who doesn’t get ANY work from within your island and you’ve managed to take THAT away too. How can you justify this? All I wanted was to be able to visit my friends and make/play music and be creative without being treated like a criminal. Under your current laws that isn’t possible. Why would anyone want to visit Jersey under these conditions?

via The Summer Channel: How I managed to get kicked out of Jersey (UK)..

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