There are only two circumstances that unite all of us really: pain and longing.

Luck is a very temporary feeling that doesn’t last long in our memories and consciousness — once happily achieved — it’s pain and longing (after luck) that dominates and is the motive behind all of our actions.

We’re always only after that moments of luck and happiness, all of our life. Actually we’re slaves to it, with a material body, a corrupt brain and a coated heart.

That’s what my coming album talks about. May it unite us.

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  1. The other way to look at it is love. We are all driven by love. To achieve some aspect of it whatever it may look like. Yes, pain and longing are sometimes responsible for motivation… but if you experience it long enough… you will create negative neurological pathways that ultimately create subconscious resistance. It is my opinion that if you work with and towards love, you can achieve and unite far more/easier than if you are focused on the ‘lack’ of love. However, this is my own unique perspective of the world and Im not here to try to tell you that you are wrong… I think we are both saying the same thing… just coming from different places.

    Anyhow, Im stoked for your tracks! I love your music so much and have a natural affinity towards any tunes in the minor keys. I assume that with pain and longing being your vision for the album, it will be very beautiful and touching.

    Best wishes!


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