Walking along a silent mall watching a superb female ass back in front of you which you want to shoot with your Android phone cam? You most probably won’t do it because of the backstabbing and annoying camera sounds. Fear not, here comes the solution to get rid of (almost) ALL sounds your cam makes, like the shutter and the video recording sounds (I just didn’t find any solution for killing the auto focus sound, I guess this is because it’s implemented in the camera.apk — the camera app — itself).

Okay, that’s quite a tricky workaround for newbies since you need to have your phone ROOTED (please, google that intensively BEFORE you ‘just’ root your phone). For the more advanced users this is very easy. Here comes the hack:

  1. Navigate into the root directory of your phone’s Android installation (I use ES File Explorer with root rights).
  2. Now browse to /system/media/audio/ui. There you’ll find a lot of *.ogg sound files. Rename the following ones with the ending *.ogg.bak (so, just put a “.bak” behind the actual file name, for backup/restore purposes, in case you want to have that crap back): Cam_Start.ogg | Cam_Stop.ogg | camera_click_short.ogg | camera_click.ogg | Shutter_01.ogg | VideoRecord.ogg
  3. Now the sounds don’t work anymore as the phone can’t play *.bak sounds.

Simple, isn’t it? Works perfect on my Samsung Galaxy SII.

Of course, it could be funny to create your own *.ogg sound files and put them in there … something like your voice yelling “Hey, I just took a picture of you and I’m gonna post it on Facebook!”.

Not. 🙂

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