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I want to drop a few words on  my forthcoming new artist album (and I add a quite current pic of me for those who don’t even remember my face … 😉 )

First of all I want to say why it takes so long. Easy: I haven’t been able, not because I wouldn’t be able to write and produce music, no. Because writing music — for me — means to tell a story that’s deep inside of me, part of my personality, things I’ve experienced, emotions I’ve suffered from or things I enjoy(ed). There has been something to tell (as there always is) but I didn’t want to tell it. So not being “able” here means that there was no ‘material’ I would have been able (in terms of willing) to talk about.

GOD was a very long and intensive work. I didn’t care too much about the fact that it wasn’t commercially successful, all I wanted to do is produce that piece of work. And I did. And I’m still very very very proud of it. It hasn’t been too personal but a huge musical challenge. Please, do not forget: I’m not Mozart or Beethoven. I pulled all my triggers I had back then to write and produce this album, it’s the best I was able of at this time. And it drenched everything out of me that has been there.

After GOD (my most recent artist album) I was kind of permanently looking for a new challenge, but only with one eye because my other eye was pretty much focussed on my private life and the evolution it had to experience. I never found the space inside of me to focus on new music to 100%, with both eyes (okay, I made some nice remixes). Now, it’s not that I don’t have a private life that’s worth to focus on anymore, it’s just that I can clearly see what stories I want to tell. And this is what opens the second eye. And then — as far as I remember that — you begin to dive into yourself, close the studio door and go for some deep digging into things that have no name. A few weeks (or months) later a new baby is born, and you have no idea what you’ve done. And you slightly begin to remember who you’ve been before and how meaningless some things were. Then there’s not only a new piece of music, there’s a new man as well. That’s how it works for me.

Seriously, a fucking lot of music out there bores me to death. Sorry. I’ve never been interested in creating something that a million people did before multiple millions of times. I always wanted to do something that’s me and the people like because it’s unique in some sort of way. People keep telling me for years now stuff like “you can tell when it’s Vogelmann”. And for sure, my next work will be Vogelmann, of course. But it will be the Vogelmann you know topped with the Vogelmann you don’t know, the new me. Time has passed since GOD, and my life has changed. I have changed, so my music changed.

If something’s for sure than it’s how much I embrace the all NEW that’s coming along this way now. The music’s in my head already and I *just* need to produce it (of course, it’ll be a hell of work). I have a title and I have the most amazing designer for the artwork I could imagine. I love good artwork, that always has been important to me, for me that’s just part of the whole thing. I have a label and a distribution concept, and yes, it will be a physical release as well. Of course, I give no fuck about sales, I just want to do this, as always. Well, when I sell a million copies I’m not too sad as well.

I know you have been patient for a long time now. I know you’re expecting something “big”, emotionally charged and sounding most amazing. I expect the same and work on it begins in the next couple of days. I’m excited like the 7 year old boy I was when I sat behind a drumkit for the first time. And I looked amazing. 🙂

Thanks for reading this, for your patience and for being a part of my music that is me.


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  1. It’s the same here and I would want to extend it to my stories/texts I publish: They have to be told, but not always to publish. I write them for myself and they belong to me and to what I think. But not everyone gets to read them…I publish them, when I have to tell something which might be suitable and of interest for the public.

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