Okay, it’s odd (wordplay, haha) but I can’t help but post a lot few Q&A’s of OTT‘s fanbridge thing (where I am as well), because I could shit my pants from what I read there from time to time. Get prepared …

Q: Is the vocal sample at the beginning of “The Aubergine of the Sun” taken from a video advertising the best retirement village in the whole world?
A: No, but you’ve just given me an idea for a marketing push…

Q: I find bouncing to audio frustrating as I keep wanting to tweak melodies etc, and welcome VSTs for hardware (eg VST plugin for Access Virus). What do you see as the future for music software/hardware
A: Bouncing to audio.

Q: ah ha…were you involved with the UF Orb album, as when i got your first album and was listening i found that I would here odd bits that made me recall UF Orb.
A: I’d say it was more involved with me.

For my 24th birthday my girlfriend at the time bought me a copy of UFOrb and a small pink tablet with a heart on it. I had them both for breakfast and never really came down.

Q: Care to share a photo of you we havn’t seen before?
A: 18 yrs old, at a party in the woods, really hammered and about to throw up.


(You really should see this photo!)

Q: when are you coming back to the US? I’ve missed you almost every single time, out on the road selling HimalaSalt. However, my daughter Teruko has loved painting on stage with you. Please come back!!
A: Christ, Melissa, I just got home! Give me a chance to take my sneakers off..!

It’ll probably be spring 2012 now – with a very secret surprise.

Q: Have any suggestions for absolutely essential beginning electronic music equipment?
A: Yes.

A mid-priced laptop and a copy of Propellerheads Reason.

Tell them I sent you.

(This could have been my answer, btw)

Q: Hi Ott. Long time listener first time caller…
Any chance of some more collaborations? Such as Ott/ Greg Hunter; or Ott/ Tyler Smith; or Ott/ Benji; or Ott/ Master Margherita; or more Ott/ Posford? A
A: I’m not really that into collaborating with other producers. I’ve tried it in the past and it was good fun but working alone is better.

I really enjoy collaborating with musicians, singers, instrumentalists though – as long as i can send them home once their parts are recorded.

Q: I’m curious… Someday you wish to have ‘what’ kind of time?
A: “THIS” kind.

Q: Keeping in mind Pink Floyd playing in Pompeii…If you could play any venue… and I mean ANY… where would it be?
A: The venue is unimportant to me – it’s not where you are but where you’re at.

I’d play in Kim Jong Il’s wood shed if it was full of happy, smiling people all huffing DMT in the front row.

An unlikely scenario, admittedly.

Q: when are you coming to Greece?
A: I just got back from Greece.

And here some of my most favorite:

Q: Are you worried about your daughter´s future, especially about her perspectives and chances in a world that is so full of mismanagement, violence, corruption and many other different kinds of shite?
A: I don’t know what world you live in but mine is full of peace and love and sharing and kindness.

I think she’ll be fine.

Q: HUge Greets, MAssive Respect to you! And Thankyou for STOrming MUsic!

LOve,Light and Peace 🙂
A: And lots of love to you and your innovative use of capital letters. xxx

Q: haha! Doncaster seems to have grown into a state… could this be a secret plan for world domination… are the toilet seats involved? 😀 😀 haha! Do the toilet seats have a toilet to attach to? 😀
A: Erm, step away from the bong, Ma’am.

Q: I looked at two iPads simultaneously and now I’m wearing hipster glasses, skinny jeans, and riding longboards. What do I do now?
A: Masturbate less.

Q: Did you bleach your hair?
A: No, it’s just the stress of being so damn hot.

I could — literally — never stop quoting. Go see yourself why.

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  1. Ott. Melodica or Harmonica? And how/were do I (best) find the basis of the track im going to do from start? you have a thing you’re doing everytime you begin the recording or you just go with the flow?? like setting up a ”skeleton” for the track? HOW DO YOU FUCKING DO IT!?!

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