Okay fellas, here’s what we’re talking about: www.cphpost.dk/sport/52282.html?task=view

Please, read this article from top to bottom, and then listen to this, the ORIGINAL (which was obviously STOLEN even THEN):

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWxl-4CcsQo%5D

Now, listen to Djuma Soundsystem’s tune:

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UsMBZpreVs%5D

That’s the story so far, and no doubt: That sample is “stolen”. Djuma guys admitted and are sorry. They have to pay around 135000 Euros (about 1 million Danish Kroner) for that mistake.

Maybe what I do now is a big mistake. BUT … it’s not okay when Djuma Soundsystem get sued and have to pay that amount when others did the same and no one talks about:

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=kok3hYeiP80%5D

Sorry toolroom, sorry Jay C & Felix Baumgartner, it’s not about you. I deeply respect and love what all you guys above do and have done. But my heart goes out to Djuma Soundsystem and this silly court case. I hope the Djuma guys read this blog post and have something new to present at court. Maybe there’s a judge who gets a better feeling for what happened here.

Good luck to all of you guys.

P.S.: It itching in my fingers to use that sample. Just for the fun of getting sued for something like this. 🙂

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