Sami, Saira & me

I met Saira & Sami Ahmed in London this week. We sat down in a restaurant to talk about Saira’s story and the movie about her life that is going to be made, in particular. We also met to talk about me composing the film score/soundtrack for this movie. US based Joseph Jones will be directing.

Please, help making this film possible here. As a musician I love being part of that project and contribute the best of me — my music — to help young Asian (Bengali in this case) women/girls having a better life and support Saira’s and Sami’s very personal cause.

Sami (Saira's daughter) and me

Please, read this — taken from this page:

Our Story

Love Is Amazing is one woman’s triumph to find strength and true love, despite insurmountable odds.

Based on these actual events

As a teenager, Bangladesh-born Fatema (Saira) Ahmed was sold by her family into an arranged marriage to a 27 year old Bangladeshi-British business man. After moving to England and suffering years of rape, mental and physical abuse, she gave birth to their daughter (Sami). Shortly after delivery, she was informed through a social service interpreter that her husband was potentially a serious threat to children.

Alone in a foreign land, unable to speak English, and without the support of her family, Saira had to fight for her own survival. For the sake of her child, she decided she had to make her escape and do what she had never been able to before – take control of her life – so that she could raise her daughter free of the fear and threat of her husband.

After opening a paper one day and reading an article about United Kingdom’s most infamous prison inmate, Charles Bronson, this unlikely pair began a lengthy courtship. They decided to marry, which lasted three years until overt public and media scrutiny forced this incredible union apart.

It is Saira’s passion to turn her life experience into a film, based on her autobiography Breaking Free, to be a voice for many young girls who face the same horror of forced marriage and abuse. She is continually inspired by people who dare to love and fight for their rights.

The Impact

The purpose of this film is to create awareness of the violation of human rights through child marriage and abuse,  focusing on the power of love to heal and conquer all.

In June 2010, the campaign Justice For Saira launched, which aims to generate enough support that the Bangladesh government will recognize that they have broken several articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to raise awareness about the issue of child marriage globally. In just 6 months, this online petition has received over 5000 signatures around the world.

What We Need & What You Get

All money that is raised is going toward development of this project:

  • screenplay
  • web design/graphic illustration to create a web presence that will raise awareness
  • aid in production

Your donations will be rewarded with perks (please see column to the right).

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us spread our message of love. Also, please help direct other individuals who care about the world we live in. If you haven’t already, please take a moment and click on the link below to sign the petition.

Saira also gave me a signed copy of her 2005 book “Breaking Free” which you can order here.

Breaking Free


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