Inspired by my mate Emanuel Phaz (DJ/Producer from Rodes, Greece) I’m starting to talk about all the stuff that could be interesting for producers and DJ’s here on my blog. This could be mastering advice, producing techniques … whatsoever.

I’d like to start with something quite general and useful for everyone working in the music business:

Define GOALS. This is one of the most ever important things (not only when you want to be successful in music)! Plan your day, create a schedule for things, go after a to-do list as consequent as even possible, otherwise it could be hard to reach your goals as the allure to bum around sits in every corner of life. Even if you COULD sleep until lunch time: Set your alarm clock and get your ass up in the morning to have a (quite) normal day like everyone else. Keep the booze, drugs and all that stuff for the weekend, don’t do it during the week (this has NOTHING to do with my own behaviour, haha …). Seriously: Doing things like that during the week will kick you out of life and you won’t get anything really done. That kind of self-discipline is MANDATORY.

It’s good to be on all the social media webs … but don’t waste too much time on chatting with people. Most of them are bored and DON’T use their valuable time for valuable things. Don’t do the same, it won’t bring you anywhere. A simple “sorry, I’m really busy right now” is something everyone understands.

Worship your own valuable time. Don’t waste it on things or people who are not on your “track”. Keep your eyes and ears open for PROFESSIONALS, work with people who are experienced, know what they do and who don’t talk too much about how great they are and what they achieved. If they do they’re not as great as it seems, obviously they have a lot of need to talk about that. The most professional and successful people I know in music business are overmodest.

Be kind and authentic, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If someone fucks you up, take a step back from him/her and thank him/her for the good bad experience (inside yourself, no need to tell him/her). Every encounter of this quality will help you moving forward, will make you more selective and focused. Avoid to become bitter about disappointments. They’re part of the game and will make you strong.

Yo yo, that’s it for now. Feel free to post your comments and tell me what you think I should talk about next time.



  1. Amazing initiative. I am excited to read all the new tips and tricks about producing, mastering and your personal insight in the business.

    Goals are essential to go ahead and become better as an artist. I found the best way to be post-its around my desk πŸ™‚ It’s freestyle and fun!

    Looking forward the future posts.

  2. Cheers Bea! Well, whatever helps staying focused is good, may it be post-its. Apart from this: I want to see pics of your desk with the post-its. QUICK! πŸ˜€

  3. 168 is the number of hours in the week. If you sleep 7 hours a day (in average) it will go down to 119. Planing your schedule is the key to success in many businesses.

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