There are people out there who think it’s cool to rip off things from people who created it and offer that as if it all would have been their work. And they’d be the ones who’d have the rights to get fame and roses for what they did. Of course they do not only steal what you did, they also don’t credit you, in fact they spit into your face and tell you to go and fuck off.

And this is how this can look like:

Please, read the :: GREETINGS :: in the bottom part of this crap. Isn’t that funny? moc.h1524427223suh@e1524427223yenar1524427223ofeye1524427223 … why don’t you get a life and stop being the poor motherfucker you are?

I don’t need “fans” like this. I give no shit about people like this. There simply is no respect, so I have none.

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