1. Congratulations to you and Jonah for this great position in the Hype Charts!

    I’ve been wondering how it is possible to speak publicly about the work on a product (in this case a musical product) giving the credit to those who deserve it, telling the truth and without discrediting someone who has done good work. I come to that as you’re speaking of your part of the production work.

    I mean, if I work with a partner and later point out, that he was not into this or that idea I had. But my idea worked out and gave the track a unique spin that people like. He can feel dicredited as he has done all the work with me. But this one idea was espacially mine, which is the truth and I am happy about (and proud of) it. But he (and the public) could think that I am trying to pull the attention on my “genius” etc. which wouldn’t be my intention. Clearly not.
    What is your solution to such type of problems? Do you have any? πŸ™‚

  2. Well.

    I wouldn’t call my thoughts on this a “solution” exactly. I’d just say: Say whatever you feel like. There are works of mine I’d call crap today, on the other hand they’re a time related statement, so that’s okay for what it is (was).

    I know, this doesn’t give a real answer to what you asked about but I haven’t a real one.

  3. It’s ok, not to have concrete solution. I already guessed that it might be difficult and there is no such thing as a solution. Especially not one that fits for everyone. I think I will find my way, but thanks for your answer anyway. πŸ™‚

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