1. All things music. It’s enough for a living, I could complain but I don’t see too much sense in it.

2. I won’t mention a name now, I like my private life to be … er … private. She is the most awesome female human being I ever met. Well, she’s also the most awesome human being I ever met, female or not.

3. Yes and no. It’s enough for a living but not sometimes not enough to do all the things I’d love to do, i.e. helping others more.

4. I am healthy but I don’t live healthy. I should have more regular sleep, more sleep in general, more regular meals, not more meals in general and I should stop smoking, drinking and … all that stuff.

5. Yes. My Karma is directly after Jesus Christ.

6. 38 in about 1 month.

7. I don’t have ONE best friend. I’m a lucky man with a hand full of absolutely awesome people surrounding me who I’d consider sort of my brothers (or sisters).

8. I always wanted to be a musician and make people’s lifes better with music. And I always wanted to have a wife and children. Some of that really worked, so far.

9. I laugh daily. And I can laugh the shit outta me with the people stated in point 7.

10. Good music and the smile of my missus and kids make me smile.

11. My most dangerous enemy is the fear that’s haunting me.

12. Western Germany, Ruhr Area, Dortmund.

13. I am strong, but not as strong as I like or people see me.

14. Facing myself. There’s nothing more important in life.

15. Not facing myself.

16. Pretty much. But I always wish to be able to love myself more than I do.

17. Love.

18. Fuck.

19. I cried 2 days ago.

20. To marry the woman I love.

21. That she says “no”.

22. In five years I live in Los Angeles with my family and friends. Or whereever, as long as those people are with me.

23. I regret a lot. But I don’t want to.

24. Cigarette, coffee.

25. This is random. Sometimes I think about the job, my relationships to people or what I’m about to dream in a couple hours.

26. I can’t remember.

27. I want to get rid of my monsters.

28. I’m proud of what I achieved in my life, so far. Also what the people surrounding me achieved.

29. Rollercoaster life.

30. Intolerance.

31. I’d ask him what he did on the 8th day.

32. Of course I have secrets. Depends on who I talk to.

33. My dog makes me laugh, and the bullshit thoughts my missus sometimes has.

34. I’m happy most of the time, yes.

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