Everyone who thinks …

  • we consume too many drugs and alcohol
  • we fuck around
  • we are sexy also when we look like shit
  • we are too lazy and/or stupid to have a regular job
  • we are irreliable and behave like little kids
  • we behave like divas and can’t handle criticism
  • we love hanging around in airports and planes and love to talk about that on twitter and Facebook
  • we care about name dropping, who we played with and who we met last weekend
  • we give a fuck about schedules and deadlines
  • we don’t do it for the love to music and our inner conviction
  • we don’t care about environment, politics and social life in general
  • we don’t have an opinion or attitude to share in the public
  • we’re over-rated and over-paid
  • we’re useless individuals besides mixing kick-ass music
  • we’re only after money, fame and roses

… is right sometimes.

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