Whatever you’re about to read below, please: Always remember that I’m never as good in words as in music. Music is my prefered language.

I think, after 4 years of no word from me about why I called my latest album “God”, why the — for some people disturbing — artwork showing me as Jesus Christ and why this epically long duration (and so on and on), yea, I think it’s time to unveil the truth about “God” which basically is: My truth about God.

The album title

Everyone has a picture of God. For Nietzsche he was dead, for instance. Nietzsche was an idiot. God is and lives in everything that is. It’s not a grey old man up in the heaven nor a person. God is the flame, the energy that sparkles in everything, no matter what it is, material or not. It’s neither male nor female, it has no body. God is what connects everything and us all, we’re all the same at some point, we’re all siblings. Actually WE are God, too, at least it’s inside of each and everyone of us. That’s only logical, to say the least. Of course, I do not allow other point of views.

Showing God musically is easy, the recipe is: Wander through everything that is genre-wise and such. I tried. I tried to paint my picture of God for those who have a distorted one, or none.

The chapters paint a picture of man’s evolution in history. It would really be too much to explain here. Maybe you just listen good and google one or the other track title and its meaning. You will find something, for sure, that allows you to construct logical associations.

What “God” is not

It’s not my statement about belief or religion, as some people said. I’m not asking you to believe in God or becoming religious. I offer you a sight into what I think God is and was in the past, and will be in the future. The album is contemporary in meaning and sound. Many people think — after “God” — I’m religious. I’m not, in fact. Christianity is more than obsolete, and church is, like every other religion. Neither God or Jesus Christ intended to build up religions ever.

By the way: “God” is not an esoteric statement or work. I’m not an esoteric dude.

Why that Jesus artwork?

I’m sick of Bible lies. I’ve studied all Apocryphes and all Scrolls of the Dead Sea (Qumran) — including their many different interpretations — among a LOT of other writings. I talked with many wise people worldwide and I’ve learned a lot about religion and the story of Jesus Christ. So much plain bullshit has been spread about this man. First off: We’re all his son or his daughter. Secondly, he didn’t die on a cross. He was no magician. The Essenes were just very skilled in healing techniques, so they were able to get him off the cross and heal his injuries. Of course he (and the Essenes) have hidden themselves after that scenario, for good.

In a nutshell: Jesus was a normal man with a normal physical body. He fucked, he needed food and a warm ass, like everyone of us. But he survived the crossing. Period.

Fuck Christianity, church and everything that has to do with this bullshit. The Vatican is the biggest Mafia-like terror organisation on the planet. I have not a fuck of respect for those people. Gangsters, nothing more.

What “God” definitely should be

I wanted to set the records straight, with music. God is beautiful, so Jesus Christ is/was. The album should show you everything that is and happens in our world, because all of this is God. Can be cruel or beautiful.

I hear you now: “How can God let XYZ happen???”

He doesn’t. Humans do bullshit. The choice is always on our side. We seem to be comfortable with avoiding self-reflection and feel good blaming anything or anybody else for the bullshit we do.

This is why nothing really changes.

You can listen (and download) “God” here, or download here (when the maximum of 100 downloads for each chapter at Soundcloud is reached).

May you find everything you need.


  1. We both know that there is a vast difference between religion & Spirituality. I feel that certain folks get upset when they see a person as ‘mocking’ their religious beliefs, because they take those beliefs so personally–it’s as if you’ve insulted that person directly. For myself, I feel that ‘God’ (using the generic term here) has a pretty good sense of humor, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

    I do find it odd that western man typically refers to the higher Power in the Abrahamic/Christian sense, whether they are embracing or rebelling against such a belief or doctrine. Chalk it up to centuries of religious programming, I suppose. It’s quite limiting.

    Your music comes from the heart, therefore it is of the spirit. That’s the beauty of it. Stay golden, Ponyboy. 😉

  2. It seems like we should have a conversation about religion at an adequate time. I don’t get your point about god and “God” has always been a different album for me. For me it’s not what you intended. It doesn’t tell me enough about god.

    Apart from that: Maybe music is your preferred language and some things can’t be said in words and music is better for that. But some things can’t be said in music and words are the better tool.

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