Worked like a farm horse, need some days off. Fortunately all the work is not for nothing, results are immediate and good. Always a balancing-act for me to not forget my body alerts when working, I’m a work addict. I forget to eat, drink and all that stuff. Especially when producing. DAW on = Ingo away.

Had ONE beer yesterday evening and a head like the Kölner Dom’s bells when ringing this morning. I’m getting old. Also have a sore throat … I mean, for WEEKS only snow, snow, snow and minus XY°C, nothing happened. And now: 10°C, me having a sore throat. WTF?

Spring is coming. You can smell it outside. Lily of the valley already blooming here and there (which is supposed to happen end of April/beginning of May usually). Birds going nuts outside, one just flew besides my head a couple minutes ago when I’ve been out with Wilma.

Okay, now packing stuff and off I am for the complete weekend. Forecast says weather will be brilliant. 🙂

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