When you google “vogelmann lightworks” — not mentioning TIME OUT and all the live gig recordings — you’ll get slain by downloads of my sets. Take any filehosting service on the net, you’ll end up with a set of mine. There are more blogs sharing those links than there are actually blogs on the complete internet. Same goes for dance music forums, pregnancy and dog communities and the Yellow Pages of each and every country.

Now I could think “Awesome! They really love what I do”. I don’t think so. I think there are people really appreciating and respecting what I do — we have the best fans on Earth, no doubt about that … and then there are people “consuming” my work like having coffee or going to the toilet. They don’t know what I do, neither they know what we do at friskyRadio. No clue about our hard work and efforts, no respect for that. We have streaming and file servers up and running 24/7/365, eating money, money, money. We sacrifice immense loads of time and love into what we do. They don’t even post links to the friskyRadio site or my homepage when they post the mostly ripped-from-stream sets.

Of course, it’s a matter of course that everyone should feel free to take what we do, stamp your own label on it and gain your amount of followers from what we do. No problem at all, we’re nice guys. A bit stupid but always nice. Wait, not always …

Now they complain about Ingo Vogelmann not posting public tracklistings. (One of this people who recently tried to discredit me in the public was the same guy with that shitty label who asked me for a remix some months ago … we didn’t get along because I wanted to have a remixer fee. Now, take a deep breath and think.) Wow, I’m such an asshole. I don’t even provide a tracklisting service for the people who receive fame and roses completely from our work? Uhhh, I’m not a nice guy, no I’m not. I’m not paying any respect to the artists of the records I play … actually, I’m destroying the dance music industry. I get it now. I’m really insightful.

For the future I swear to post tracklistings every time. There. Only.

Never bite the hand that feeds. Give a little, move the world with it and get much, that’s the formula.

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