Today I had a funny conversation with Andrew. No, Mike. Well, I sent this email to the “owners” of, and yes, I like it short and simple:

How much do you want?

Then Mike — who’s actually Andrew — replied:

AndrewMiller to me

Dear Sir,

We would like to thank you for your email.

We have owned the domain since we started a business in the USA.
We have been using this since we started out several years ago.
Therefore,we had no plans of selling it.

But we have changed our mind recently,we are willing to sell it at $50,000USD if you want to purchase it eagerly.
If you agree to this,please log in to start the transaction.
Please take a note that incidental fees shall be shouldered by the buyer.
Upon receipt of the final notice from regarding the transaction,
we shall immediately transfer the domain name to you.

Please be informed that we have received other offers from the USA and we shall attend to the earliest buyer.

Best regards,


I don’t know why Mike, who’s actually Andrew, breaks the line after each sentence. I also don’t know what kind of business Mike aka. Andrew started with my surname. Mike aka. Andrew has others offers? He may be lucky.

I replied:

Mike aka. Andrew,

what planet do you live on? Can I visit you there? Any cheap flight rates you know about? In other words: There is “making money” and “earning money”. Get the difference some day.

Karma is a bitch, dude …



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