I often get asked something like

Ingo, can you teach me producing?

Can you show me how to DJ right?

or even

Can you show me how to mix like you?

And then I ask myself: What do this people really want? Do they want to give people music or is it their ego they want to polish? Do they want to become popular?

Exactly 6 years ago a good friend said to me “it will take 6 to 8 years until you have become someone remarkable”.

I always have the same answer for the people who keep asking me about my “secrets”: No. If there were a recipe or manual how to become a popular musician I guess I would have done it myself. And it wouldn’t work, it would have been a mistake. Nobody can walk the same way someone else did already, everyone has to go his own way, a way that’s just for him. Sasha, Digweed, Seaman, Warren, van Dyk, whoever there is at the top of the Dance Music Olymp … they’re all very individual — well — individuals. Each of them has his very own way of doing things or avoiding doing them.

And then, am I popular? Well, I guess I’m known. Known for very unpopular anti-mainstream productions and for quite popular live gigs and radio DJ sets. Plus, for very unpopular attitude and opinions. Especially the last mentioned isn’t very good for a musician who wants to make a “career”. God knows how much I hate this word.

If I were about to give any advice it would be simply nothing. The best advisor always doesn’t advise. He lets you have the experience I went through.


  1. Funny how you are hypocritical in a sense, when one of your statements on your website clearly states: “I love it when I can GIVE YOU something FOR FREE. I also love it when I RECEIVE something you want to GIVE me, unconditionally.” Don’t you think/consider that these people want to learn and have no where else to start but from you? How sincere do they have to be to make it become unconditional? Wouldn’t that be an awesome gift to know that someone wants to learn from you and give you the time out of their own life to observe how you interpret music.

    I too want to learn how to create music, but I have no where to start but through free internet programs, like hobnox-audiotool. But for inspiration I look to your music in hopes to unconditionally give me a spark to find my own individual style. Also listen to back to the tunes of Pink Floyd πŸ˜‰

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