There’s only one thing I like about drama: The movie genre. Apart from this there’s really nothing I can take about people losing everything beginning with their self-control. Too much of emotional outburst is pure horror to me. It’s not that I’m totally emotionless — although some like to put me into this category — it’s just that I always try to

  • think before speak or take action
  • be calm and stick to facts
  • keep everything at a place where it belongs

Got me? I’m no good dialog partner when someone loses any of that. I love to escape then. There are also two different kinds of crying:

  • as instrument for emotional pressure on someone
  • as pure expression of feelings, which is okay for me

When I’m deeply touched I can cry like a baby. Well, most of the times you won’t see me doing this in public. It’s not that I’m ashamed or sumthin’ … it’s just that I want to do this with myself. It’s very intimate and personal, not everybody’s business.

I cried and collapsed at the funeral of my father. Don’t ask me why, our relationship was one big mess. I guess I just have been sooo sad because we never used the (life)time to get along. Actually I never had a father, though he was physically present. We were both very stubborn and stupid.

I will lose one or the other tear tonight when watching “I Am Legend” on german TV. For sure. I’ll never get over the scene when Will Smith has to kill his own doggy girl. 🙁

Back to drama. Go away with it, I don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with your overdrawn and conventionalized emotions nobody asked for. Or even clearer: Get yourself a doctor. Really. Just get a grip on yourself and think about the people surrounding you. Any idea how they feel when you lose control?

You can control your thoughts and actions. Work on it and don’t pull me into your personal trouble.


  1. hands down on that one! how can one enjoy life, music or anything when people around u are dramatizing on everything?

  2. I cry occasionally when there are touching moments in movies too. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be drama movies.

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