No. Not twat.

I should say “Hello everybody” but most of you know me as a blogger already. I was blogging from 2003 on and stopped in late 2009. I needed a break from that, and I’ve been fucked up by the monster my blog has become and all the server maintenance that was eating my time like a young and hungry wolf … oops, there we are: The two wolves. (I’m aware that I might change the title of this blog again, and in this case this post doesn’t make too much sense anymore. Fuck it. Ouch, two offensive words in the first post already, should I stop again? Ah, fuck it …)

Now that this blog is WP hosted the WP guys (sorry) can throw their time out of the window, not my problem.

Okay. The two wolves.

I recently read a tiny story that goes something like that …

An old Indian (native American) tells his grandchild:

There are two wolves living in my chest.  One is the wolf of darkness, fear, mistrust, desperateness and envy. The other one is the wolf of light, love, lust and the joy of life.

The grandchild asks:

Which one of them will win?

The old Indian replies:

The one I feed.

Boom. End of story.

It had quite some impact on me. That much that I decided to gave this blog that title. I have two wolves living in my chest, like almost everyone, I guess. It’s one thing to say “yes, I know” and another one to make decisions because of being totally conscious about that fact. Which I try but doesn’t work always.

I will let you know about that here. Not everything but glimpses of it. Of course I will rant, pretend to be intelligent and wise and use this bitch called “blog” as a punching bag for my disabilities. Might be entertaining, why not. People take life too serious, in fact life’s a game and we’re actors on a stage and everything always is “as well as” and not “absolute”.

Did you know that my name (Ingo) is Scandinavian from “Yngvi” or “Yngwio” which means “Wolf”? It was a Scandinavian divinity, too. Well, now you know.

I’ll write — as always — in both English and German, just as I feel like.

Enough for now … until this slides off into the first pure crap. 😉

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